Zalando is expanding its brand by launching a new beauty category for both men and women. You can now buy more than 250 brands of care and cosmetics like Estée Lauder, Clinic or M.A.C. 

To celebrate this remarkable occasion, Zalando created a campaign called “Unleash your beauty” which reflects the inner and outer beauty of ALL people. Regardless of gender, age, race or preferences. This online shopping platform represents beauty in all its diversity by choosing a wide range of models. Guests include Anuthida Plopetch, Casja Wessberg and Marvin Durell and more! For shooting the campaign, the models were unwittingly filming themselves while putting on their own makeup. This gave the campaign more authenticity and realness that people want to see and experience. 

Zalando is going big with spreading their beauty values and making so many beauty options so readily available for customers to access. Before, they were only doing fashion and now they have such a large beauty category! Now, you can fulfill all your needs from head to toe on their website. 

This campaign portrays the values of self-love, body positivity and personal expression as the forefront if their brand. Their goal is to find a way to let everyone’s beauty shine and think that they can help people express it. 

Article by Katie Chaplin

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