Granted we sometimes like to watch YouTubers talk about their outfits of the week, or their new thrift finds. However, we sometimes long to connect with the person talking on the screen on a more intimate level, and that is why we greatly appreciate people who are able to share the less glamorous aspects of their life. Whether it be adulting, anxiety, depression, loneliness, relationships, we all struggle with similar things on our walk of life. There is something special, and particularly brave about someone uploading a video online on one of these topics and being vulnerable. Who are the YouTubers who talk about more than fashion?

Amy Lee

Amy Lee is a YouTuber whose channel is explicitly dedicated to talking about more than just fashion and beauty. For instance, she dedicates her “A.M with Amy” videos to discussing a topic in depth, such as how to pursue your passions/dreams, rejection, feeling grateful… She always has an earnest and personal approach to the subject at hand. Her honest view on things is often uplifting, since there is something reassuring about seeing we are not alone in our doubts and fears.

Arden Rose

Arden Rose has been on the internet for a long time, and seeing her evolution is quite interesting. From fashion hauls, she has become a defender of sustainable clothes and habits to help the environment. She has also started talking about more varied subjects, such as positive and safe sex, how to start working out and liking it, or questions related to birth control. Her sharp sense of humor and slight awkwardness make her a touching individual whose videos we can’t wait to watch: no matter the theme we know we’ll have a good time.

Hitomi Mochizuki

Finally, Hitomi is one of the most inspiring YouTubers. Hitomi has always done videos about the struggles and joys of life, and her videos lately are about the beauty of our existence, how to embrace it and manage to slowly overcome trauma, depression and anxiety. She addresses all of these things, and many more: talking about why she loves being sober, what is conscious love, or her take on spirituality. If you crave more content from Hitomi, she also has an application where she talks about similar topics in depth, along with yoga and meditation videos. We recommend checking it out here:

Article by Inès Huet

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