For some reason, we can all admit that it is just easier to exercise in the summer. Suns out, buns out! Paris offers many different kinds of yoga and fitness classes. It’s such a good way to get involved in a community and meet new like-minded people. All classes are English friendly!

Moda Yoga 

Moda yoga studio offers hot yoga classes to beginners and experienced yogis! They are committed to protecting the planet, wanting to create more peace in the world and having fun and stimulating yoga sessions. 

Midtown Studio

This gym has the ultimate boot camp workouts to sculpt and tone your body. It is the first gym in Paris to create an indoor boot camp studio. Their training is very energetic, positive and emotionally stimulating. 

Dynamo Cycling 

Dynamo brings on a whole new meaning of cycling. This studio is all about indoor cycling that connects the body and mind in rhythm with the music. It’s the perfect mix of a challenging workout and while still having a blast. 

Article by Katie Chaplin 

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