From a young age, we are made to believe that being alone is something bad and to be avoided at all costs. In school, kids who spend time alone are often considered ‘losers’ or just plain weird. Growing up, we tend to look with pity at those sitting alone at the restaurant or going to the movies unaccompanied. Somehow, we equate spending time alone with being isolated and miserable, but what if you could learn to embrace and even cherish the time you spend alone? Here are five good reasons to take yourself out on a date for a change !

  1. Practice self-love

Taking yourself out is a way of showing yourself you feel you are worthy of being spent time with. Avoiding spending time alone at all costs can often be a sign that you are scared to be only with yourself. Going to the movies, treating yourself to popcorn or twizzlers, and enjoying the show is a simple way to treat yourself and love the time you have with you. If at first you feel weird this is perfectly normal, it is also a sign that you are on your way to:

2. Gain self-confidence

Another reason we do not want to spend time alone is because we are afraid of sending the wrong message: that we are antisocial, have no friends, are single and sad, with no family to keep us company. This fear though comes from a deeper place: the fear of how people see us, and their judgment. By going to eat at a new address you have been dying to try or seeing the exhibition on that one topic you are passionate about, you will also learn to detach yourself from other people’s perception of you and boost your confidence.  

3. Take the time to recharge

You do not need to be an introvert to like being alone, possibly even in silence, and recharge your batteries. Most of us can all benefit from moments of peace and quiet after a long day at work in the busy city. It is so blissful and even healthy to be all alone after a whole day of talking to different people, and finally having no one to please but yourself. You can pamper yourself by getting into your favorite pajamas, doing a face mask, and watching a TV show or taking the time to relax by cooking a nice meal. Whatever tickles your fancy.

4. You will experience freedom

That’s right, when you are only with yourself, you set the rules and make all the decisions. You can go to whatever restaurant you please, whatever movie session you want, travel to that destination you have been dreaming of, and no one will be able to stop you. This is also the opportunity to find out more about the things that you like and get to know yourself better. Traveling solo for example can seem quite scary, but you will probably love the experience and learn so much from it. It is important to challenge yourself from time to time to keep gaining and discovering new things…

5. And you will want to do it again!

Chances are you will have such a great time once you get used to doing activities by yourself, that you will find yourself craving and cherishing these moments reserved only for yourself. Indeed, it is so precious to have time to be alone, to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, and tune into ourselves, to channel inner peace, and put our thoughts in order, with no one to please but ourselves.

Article by Inès Huet

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