Sometimes we know exactly what we want to eat, other times we want to taste lots of different dishes. On those days we like to head to the best tapa bars in town, for their festive and casual atmosphere. Below our favorite tapa bars in Paris, to discover by district.

BARAV 3ème

This welcoming restaurant is waiting for you. Once you are there you can drink the best wines. You can choose between 250 different wines and eat cooked meats and cheeses.  

Le Barav, 6 Rue Charles-François Dupuis, 75003 Paris


For all he foodies out there, La Mangerie is the place to be. The restaurant’s motto is clear: “to please,” and pleased we are with the vast choice of savory tapas: truffled gouda, mozzarella donuts, accompanied with cocktails carefully prepared by the barista. Bonus points for the wardrobe in the middle of the restaurant, that you have to walk through to go from one room to the other!

La Mangerie, 4 rue Jarente, 75004 Paris


Let’s go South, near the Mediterranean sea. Soum Soum offers a wide range of tapas, especially hummus. 90 % of the dishes are vegetarian. Here, houmous is served with beetroots, eggplants or even with sweet potatoes. 

Soum Soum, 15 rue des Ecouffes, 750004 Paris



Food is 100 % French at Sourire. There are even vegetarian options. You can also eat French cheeses and cooked meats. 

Sourire, 27 rue Galande 75005 Paris



Everything here is made to make you feel like you are home! Welcome to your Foodie Roomie where you will be able to have any meal imaginable: lunch, snack time, apéro, brunch, or group evening are all possible in this bar-restaurant. Everything is homemade and in season: this summer try a green gazpacho, or feta from Limnos island with watermelon, za’atar and organic olive oil.

Chez Vous, 15 rue Choron, 75009 Paris


If you loved La Mangerie and you want more, we recommend the wine bar by the same owners, who will seduce you from its name to its menu… You will leave Le Rouge à Lèvres with your lips stained red: that is how good the wine is. Just like a kiss, let yourself be tempted by the woody wines, and its enticing aromas. To go with your drink, have some tapas specially made to go with your glass.

Le Rouge à Lèvres, 6 rue Rougemont, 75009 Paris 

BOTECO 10ème  

At Boteco, we travel straight to Brazil with our taste buds. Share some tapas with a twist with your friends here, like ceviche (fish tartare marinated in its “leche de tigre” sauce, pomegranate, sprinkles of cashew nuts and emulsionof curcuma sweet potato) or a Casquinha de siri (coconut crab flesh grilledwith parmesan cheese), you will be transported to Rio de Janeiro. To be enjoyed with some caipirinhas, obviously.

Boteco, 48 Rue l’Échiquier, 75010 Paris 


We highly recommend booking a table in advance if you want to come to Takaramono in the evening, considering the original concept of the restaurant. Every Friday and Saturday, once apéro hour rolls around, Le Petit Amour becomes Takaramono. Takaramono, which is run by Trésor Food, means “My Love” in English. A name that reflects the passion of its creators for food and music: the two come together for a unique musical and culinary experience. Have some Japanese and Camargue inspired tapas: mimosa eggs, donburi of red duckling, for some exotic flavors.

Takaramono, 3 Rue de la Fidélité, 75010 Paris

BIONDI 11ème 

If you’ve never tried Argentinian food then you have to go to Biondi. Located in Oberkampf, this restaurant offers traditional Argentinian dishes. Even the wine comes from Argentina. What are you waiting for ? Go and give it a try ! 

Biondi, 118 Rue Amelot, 75011 Paris 



If you are looking for elegant cuisine look no further than Le Caulaincourt. All the refined dishes are made with fresh and seasonally produce. Do not be mistaken, we are far from the snobby restaurants, the atmosphere here is relaxed and festive, perfect for sharing some tapas like homemade duck terrine, truffled gouda or serrano ham.

Le Caulaincourt, 62 rue Caulaincourt, 75018 Paris


Located in Pigalle, this restaurant opened in 2016. You can eat tapas from all over the world and particularly from South America. Tacos, ceviche, cheeses or even cooked meats are served. You can drink sodas, beers and wines at a cheaper price until 7.30 pm. 

Les Apôtres de Pigalle , 2 rue Germain Pilon, 75018 Paris


Cheers !

Article by Inès Huet and Lisa Kassab

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