Lucia Pica imagined the Chanel makeup 2019 Cruise Collection as a tribute to contemporary East Asia. The collection comes as a conclusion to Lucia Pica’s treasure hunt to find those special hidden gems that make people’s eyes wide with wonder. Lucia has a knack to finding beauty and interesting details in everyday life. She loves making discoveries off the beaten path. Tokyo and Seoul were her main playground. After collecting inspiration through her travels, she was able to come up with a new way to draw facial features and make the skin glow as bright as light.

Lucia Pica said: “I wanted to capture the feeling one feels when one is in East Asia; the prevailing atmosphere makes you almost vibrate. […] It’s only when I had the developed photos in front of me that I grasped the true meaning of the collection. Each image inspired a particular product. This Cruise Collection is a little more daring; it aims to define facial features with lightness.”

In this collection, you will find smooth colors, almost satin-like, to help sculpt your face, make your eyes sparkle, and your lips irresistible. All the hues are soft and light. In the summer, women like to keep their makeup routine fast and easy.

The Chanel Cruise Collection is easy to apply. It allows everyone to experiment with carelessness.

The Bronze and Light Duo bronzer illuminates the face with a bright and clear finish, while the eyes are enhanced with the brilliant Shadow Eyeshadow. There are also two shades of the Rouge Coco Flash lipstick and the Rouge Coco Gloss lip gloss, as well as three nail polish with unexpected colors: mauve gray, lavender, and beige with sparkles of gold.

Article by Katie Chaplin  

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