Today, we are living in the midst of the rise of feminism. We are the future. We, as women, as feminists and as humans with equal rights all being on in the same, are the future! This statement is bold and empowering and it reflects this new wave of feminism. We are currently living in a time where more women are growing in political power, we are marching and standing up for our rights, fighting against inequality, harassment and abuse. The time to be silent is over. It is our time now to continue to evolve, educate and empower.

In light of this wave of feminism women are being asked what their thoughts are on the topic. Five women were interviewed and they all consider themselves feminists and support the “Me Too” movement.

Margaux, a 23 year old, believes that feminism isn’t just about the equality between men and women but that it’s a matter of equal rights between all humans. She’s happy that women are now able to speak up about the harassment or abuse they went through but wonders why nothing was ever said before when we all knew these kinds of things were going on.


The “Me Too” movement is giving women the opportunity to speak up and it encourages a call to action on men. It is not only women fighting for women’s rights but men fighting for them as well. Men are starting to step up to the plate and look out for women. Feminism isn’t just a women’s issue but a human issue. The younger generation of males are being brought up with more respect and understanding. One of the most important things we can do now is to continue this kind of education and empowerment on all genders and ages. This is how we can continue the fight. It will always be a hard battle to conquer but the kind of determination we have, we will get there!

Heloise who was interviewed mentioned that the fight can be continued through mediation of commercials, women of the ages 30-50 to be cast in roles on screen so that it can be known that age is an asset and not a fault.

The best thing that we can do for ourselves and for the future is to continue to educate and empower not only women but also men about what the true meaning of equality.

Article by Katie Chaplin

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