Well, here we are, stuck at home to make sure that we keep ourselves and others safe. Whether you’re a homebody or not this is a lot more time at home than you’ve ever had before! It’s the perfect time to take the best care of yourself, reflect, heal and enjoy with this time. This is most certainly self-care & development month. Let’s take advantage of this corona time and make the best of it! Here are some ideas to keep you busy. 


Right now, we are currently living in history. This is the first time ever to have this kind of pandemic on a global scale. It is all so surreal and we are all experiencing something extremely abnormal for us. Write about it! You could even record a video daily of what you’ve been up to and how you’re feeling day to day. 


You know that thing you’ve always wanted to do but never had enough time to do… well now’s the time, honey! You could bake bread for the first time or learn to sew, choreograph a dance, whatever it is that time has held you back.


Pull some outfits together, get wild with it! Make up a small runway and walk it out with your quarantine pals. Or you could plan ahead and pick out some killer outfits to wear once this is all over and you make your first debut back out in the world. Plan some cute outfits out and take pictures to remember the idea for later! It’s the perfect time to make a mess of things and have some fun with it and pack away your winter clothes and bring out your spring/summer!


Read a book, listen to a podcast or take an e-course. There’s so much available to us online to gain more knowledge. You could come out of this quarantine as the next Isaac Newton! 


It is so amazing to see how many gyms are offering free online classes to keep everyone active during this time of confinement. Pull up those Instagram workouts you’ve saved for later but never looked back it. Even though you’re all cooped up it’s the perfect time to focus on some of your fitness goals and crush them! 

Make the most of your time as much as you can. These are uncertain and stressful times and it can even be a little scary. Try not to think about all the negatives of the situation and focus on the positives of it. 

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