New year, new resolutions! But more importantly, new you. What better way to start off 2019 than with a fresh and revamped mane that better fits the goals and aspirations you’ve carefully set for yourself for the months to come. To avoid tearing your hair out every morning, we’ve narrowed down the major upcoming trends in the hair department as well as new inspirations to guide and help on a bad hair day. 

What’s new in hairdo?

If you have long hair and want to keep your length at all cost, why not try an atypical hairstyle like the knotted chignon, the low chignon, or the half-up bun. Sleek, straight hair is coming back with a bang, and girls are slowly leaving behind the wavy look. Fear not a dramatic and severe middle part as a way to style your straight mane. As indicated on the runway for many seasons now, ’90s accessories are also a great way to add character and swag to your look. 

Crédit : IMAXtree
Crédit : IMAXtree
Crédit : IMAXtree

If on the contrary you are looking to “shed some hair”, you might want to go ahead and chop it off to a very short bob, seen everywhere on the catwalk at fashion week. The hard part might be deciding on a specific style for your bob, given the many choices available. Between the loose bob, the faded bob, the straight bob, or the wavy bob, you are bound to find the perfect way to frame your beautiful face.

Crédit : IMAXtree
Crédit : IMAXtree
Crédit : IMAXtree

In living color!

Blond and brunette hues are coming back in style with a vengeance. However, that #redheadlife is the true standout. Richly pigmented reds are increasingly popular across ages. A plethora of hues to choose from might make it difficult—but equally fun—to settle on an acajou red, an auburn, or a coppery red color. Squads of aspiring Bree Vamp de Kamps roaming the streets will have us clutching our invisible pearls!  

Crédit : IMAXtree

Up in the “hair”

As for accessories, don’t stick to basic clips and headbands. Be playful, be original, be bold, and think outside the box. Beautiful pieces of fabrics, ribbons, and bows or strategically placed statement jewelry will propel your accessory game to the next level. The idea is to find cheeky ways of dressing up your hair and bring flair to a tame hairdo.

Crédit : Getty Images

“Hair” you go! 2019 is all yours to conquer!

Article by Marion Tabard

Translated by PK Douglas

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