When you think of French brands, you either think of widely known luxury brands that are part of the Parisian dream or you think of bakeries brands (La Durée, Pierre Hermé).

However, these past few years, France has been expending and creating several brands that are targeted towards our aesthetically, minimalist and ethically driven generation. In order to make you a bit more familiar with the smaller side of French brands, here are our 5 picks:


Crédit : Apicia

This 100% natural and raw skincare brand draws its inspiration from bees. Apicia comes from “Apis”, which literally means bees. Her goal is to use the profits that can be taken from them and to highlight the benefits of an ecological lifestyle. The founder of the brand, Claire Lafon, realized how helpful and wide those profits were, including the apitherapy that is therapeutic. It slowly became obvious to her that creating a brand that revolved around bees was needed to give a brand new image of organic products by having an upscale, modern and elegant style


Crédit : Ainy

This second brand has for a motto “the sacred power of plants”. The founder of Ainy, Daniel Joutard, spent nearly a decade living in Latin America.  What fascinated him was that while the occident was just rediscovering the incredible wealth of nature and the need of a harmonious relationship with our surroundings, Indians had never forgotten it.

Joutard had two turning points: when he met a trainee shaman that made him discover the power of plants and when he met Jean-Claude Le Joliff, a former channel employee whom helped him blossom with high end skincare products. All products are made with pure formulas highly measured with key assets and fancy textures.

3. oOlution

Crédit : oOlution

oOlution seeks to make a change and to radically stand out from our typical cosmetic standards. All of their ingredients are 100% natural and organic, specifically thought for every skin types. Their goal is to give us an opportunity to take a great care of our skins in a way that perfectly suits us. Their products are made of diversified assets such as plant extracts that are necessities to our skin’s well being. This brand is not only good for our skin, but also for our planet. Anne-Marie Gabelica describes her brand as being healthy, smart, ethical and committed.

4. DWTN Paris

Crédit : Dwtn Paris

Created in the middle of the 11th district, Downtown Paris is an urban natural makeup brand. A lab called “Savoirs Des Peuples” came out with this brand; they have found the perfect combo between makeup and skincare for an instant outcome that lasts a decent period of time. The team is very versatile as it is composed of biologists, engineers, pharmacists and so on. That allows the products to be the best as can be. They never stop changing their formulas to fit the customer’s demand as closely as possible.

Their products are always effective and pleasant on our skins. At this point in time, their products have reached 95% of natural ingredients.

5. Drugstore Parisien

Crédit : Drugstore Parisien

This is not a brand so to speak, as this is more of a clustering of everything we have ever wanted. If you come to Paris and want a shortcut to amazing products: this is the place to be. Swinging from French products to international ones, you are sure to find your holy grail there. It is even better when you know that you can find several different things since there are not only makeup oriented; you can find candles, underwear, earphones and even batteries. This shop fits our “always on a rush” generation well. Expect to see the unexpected.

Here was our 5 picks, there are tons of other brands to be discovered each day so be sure to wander through the Parisian streets and find new gems yourself that can be shared with us!

Article by Balkis Hmida

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