Every fall, the comeback of cold weather makes us want to cozy up with a nice hot drink and pastries. As food trends come and go, this year get ready to eat and drink cinnamon in every dish.

It’s September which means students are back to school, adults are back to work, and every day brings us closer to fall. The season of Halloween and pumpkins, red foliage and warm scarves. For years now, the flavors of fall have been dominated by pumpkin spice, whether it’s in Starbucks’ famous Pumpink Spice Latte (PSL) or on desserts. Last year, everyone’s Instagram feed was filled with mouth-watering hot cocoa in between PSL pictures. This year, cinnamon drinks and dishes will be a bit early and find their way to you during fall.

On September 30, a new flavour of Coca-Cola is going to hit the shelves in the US. You guessed it, it’s cinnamon coke. Last winter, the UK was already able to try cinnamon Zero Coke. Even if it’s advertised as a winter drink (the usual cinnamon season), the new beverage is coming out right on time for fall. But the Coca-Cola company is not the only one to bet on cinnamon as the new trendy flavor. Dairy Queen is selling cinnamon milkshakes and Ben & Jerry’s new ice cream, Justice Remixed, is cinnamon-flavored.

There are many ways to put cinnamon in your dishes

If you can’t wait for the Pumpkin Spice Latte (and its many different versions) to get on the Starbucks’ menu every year, you might know that one of the spices usually used for pumpkin spice is cinnamon (along with clove and nutmeg). This year, cinnamon drinks are popping up on menus everywhere, without waiting for the snowy winter days or being mixed with other spices. You can get coffees, lattes or chai teas with cinnamon, the possibilities are (almost) endlesss!

Cinnamon rolls are nothing new. Americans, Swedes, and many more are used to eating one version or another of this delicious cinnamon pastry. But we’re seeing cinnamon muffins, french toasts, churros and so much more on our feed these days. In addition to apple pies, you can make cinnamon cheesecakes, frosting or pudding for your desserts.

Why is cinnamon so popular? It’s a spice that goes with everything, from savory to sweet dishes and hot beverages. It can be used to put some flavor in meaty dishes (Turkish cuisine often cooks cinnamon with lamb, chicken…) but also goes great with apples. Adding a bit of cinnamon in your apple pie is pretty common and very tasty, or you can put some apple cinnamon cream cheese on your bagel. Cinnamon also has some health benefits, such as reducing cholesterol and having anti-inflammatory properties. So foodies have decided there’s no reason to wait until the holidays and only put cinnamon is our eggnogg or mulled wine. Fall 2019 is the season of cinnamon!

Article by Juliette Cardinale

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