Summertime is here, as the heatwave in Europe aptly proves, and all we want to do is get in pool and enjoy the sunshine. But any pool party would be incomplete without fun floats and original water toys. Below, discover our colorful selection of accessories to bring along with you next time you decide to take a dip.

First things first, make sure you have a waterproof camera to capture all your holiday memories with your friends and family. We particularly recommend doing underwater photoshoots with this pink and tropical printed camera, that you can buy here.

Moving on to drinks, we found the perfect solution to bring your cocktail along with you in the swimming pool: cute floating cup holders in the shape of a flamingo or palm tree, so you can sip your drink in peace. Just be careful no one canon balls near you!

Challenge your friends to an awesome game of pingpong with this floating table. Playing on water will spice things up, guaranteeing a fun time with your adversary!

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If you want to take a nap in the sun, or float around lazily but with style look no further than this rosé bottle floater. This float is the perfect excuse to have some wine and declare it time to have an aperitif.

If you have ever dreamed of becoming a mermaid, your dream can finally come true with this gorgeous rosé gold pool float by Target. Embrace your glimmering, scaled mermaid tail, and make all the other girls in the pool jealous.

Article by Inès Huet

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