Let’s be real here: Who is not a Ryan Gosling fan? Who does not want to lick Ryan Gosling? You don’t have to answer that but in case your answer is yes… You can now buy an Easter egg that is perfectly constructed to resemble him. Another benefit is that, it’s vegan!

A chocolatician managed to create a baby goose with Goslings beautiful face and added the cutest webbed feet to him. Each chocolate egg costs around 45 euros. Considering that Ryan Gosling is cute every day of the year, you can buy it any time all year round. 

Each egg is individually handmade and takes a whole day to make a single one! 

Not only is there a Ryan Gosling egg but there also is a chocolate and white chocolate bunny of Benedict Cumberbatch. So there’s a easter chocolate for every kind of girls taste. 

The pastry chef and chocolatician who created these fancy and delectable treats try to make them look as realistic as possible. They also try to include the right combination of a popular character who also can be combined with a witty name to go with it. 

Article by Katie Chaplin

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