Here are our crushs for the season and we are pretty sure you don’t know about those designers yet… Enjoy !


In one word: Spirituality

Syel Jewels is a new French jewelry label born in the Champagne region of France.

Inspired by Nature, spirituality and wellness, its jewelry is made of raw and premium material such as semi-precious stones, sterling silver as well as 14 and 18cts gold vermeil. Each collection has its own meaning and purpose, and the gemstones used are carefully chosen according to their properties and spiritual resonance. Ethically and carefully handmade, Syel pieces come in limited editions, which makes them even more unique and meaningful.

Bonus point: their jewelry come in a little pink, vegan suede pouch made to be loved and reused!

Our crush: the Anja (which means Third Eye) Collection. These little Moonstone eye medals make us feel like we have magical powers when we wear them !

Crédit: Syel


In one word: Vintage

Reliquia is derived from the word relic and Spanish term for family heirloom. And that’s exactly how their jewelry feels, your stylish Grandma’s vintage jewelry that you would wear as a unique little treasure. Reliquia’s Art Deco inspired pieces might not be the most discrete, but their bold and artistic design know how to perfectly spice up a simple outfit. Made from high quality metals and craftsmanship, Reliquia endeavours to create jewelry that develops an emotional relevance.

Our crush: the South Island necklace, showing off beautiful shells on a golden chain, which brings a little bit of summer around our neck.

Crédit: Reliquia Jewelry


In one word: Design

Alta Ora turns abstract shapes and curves into wearable objects. 

Inspired by design and Brazilian architecture, its pieces’ designs are very geometric and minimalist, yet curvy and feminine. They pretty much feel like a piece of art on your body. They come in silver or vermeil and each piece is made by hand in New York City.

Our crush: the Open Curve earrings. Their shape reminds us of a woman’s body, and we can only love that.

Crédit: Alta Ora


In one word: Purity

Another beautiful label coming from New York, Annika Inez is a timeless jewelry brand that offers unique, raw pieces. One word comes in our mind when we look at their glass made and raw shapes pieces: purity. And that probably comes from the artistic and Scandinavian upbringing of its founder, Annika Inez.

Annika’s designs are not only a reflection of the art and music she consumes but are also heavily inspired by her 20th century muses in the arts. Annika Inez Jewelry is hand crafted locally in NYC, working with individual artisans and jewelers. Each collection is made with recycled and ethically sourced Sterling Silver, 14K and 14K gold filled from US factories.

Our crush: the Glass pieces and especially the Glass Disk earrings.

Crédit: Annika Inez


In one word: Golden

BY NYE is a new Australian label coming from Melbourne, that offers particular, elegant designs.

The pieces are made with recycled silver and 18cts gold plating, and we love their unique, irregular designs. By Nye’s designer finds her inspiration in the daily life’s Art and in Nature, and it feels like the jewelry pieces are some kind of artistic sculpture to themselves.

Our crush: the Lucid earrings. These big chunks of polished gold looking earrings will basically make you feel like you’re a golden mine to yourself (you are!).

Crédit: BY NYE
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