Back in April, Adidas Originals sold the famous Americana for the first time in years. It was sold out very quickly and the brand decided to put it back in stores this September.

Adidas shoes are a fashion staple, from sports champions to steeetwear addicts. The Americana is one of the brand’s legendary models. Created in 1974 for the American Basketball Assoiation players, the Americana and its three colorful strikes have become iconic shoes of the 1990s street culture. Last April, Adidas Originals reissued the America and people were very quick to get their hands on the shoes. Since September 15, 2019, the sneakers are once more available online and in stores.

The comeback of the Americana follows those of the Stan Smith and the Gazelle, surfing the wave of 1990s nostalgia (25th anniversary of FRIENDS anyone?) and vintage fashion. The Stan Smith, created in 1964, was back on the shelves in 2013, three years prior the Gazelle (which was first unveiled in 1968). They’re all vintage but timeless, seducing with not much effort a new generation.

Classics but modern

For its latest release, the Americana is still available in its classic high white shoe with red, white and blue strikes. But it is also released as a low version and in new colors: red, yellow, green and even pastels that allow you to match any outfit.

And it’s JAIN who is the face of this rebirth. The French singer has already been involved in sports events – most notably soccer. She performed during the opening ceremony of the women’s World Cup back in June. As a young singer-songwriter, JAIN sings in English and is the perfect blend of international modernity and classic traditional music. She rose to succes with her 2015 album Zanaka, and is influenced by her youth in different countries (following her dad’s mutations). Her songs are an enchanting mix of pop, electro, reggae and world music. She is modern but true to her past, like the Americana.

Article by Juliette Cardinale

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