We mentioned pink desserts and other types of junk foods, but now it is time to talk about veggies. Vegetarian and vegan options can be just as delicious as their carnivorous counterparts, and way healthier than most sugary treats we crave on the daily. To respect the good old sayings we heard so many times as children: have ‘five servings of fruits and veggies a day’ or ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away,’ here are five addresses Paulette Map recommends if you want to have crunchy and savory vegetables that will make you forget your urge to have chocolate.

Itsy Bitsy at Lille


Itsy Bitsy is the super cute name of this vegan restaurant located in Lille. A cozy and welcoming address, full of colorful cushions where you can enjoy 100% plant-based food: the menu changes depending on availability, but you might be able to order melon soup, veggie curry, guacamole tartare. The desserts are also vegan, with a tasty cheesecake or a fruit salad. In the afternoon, the restaurant even transforms into a tearoom.

Itsy Bitsy, 10 rue Jeanne Maillotte, Lille

The Parisian NOUS

NOUS is famous for the quality of its ingredients. All the fruits and vegetables are organic, the wine is biodynamic, and everything comes from France. At the Nous rue des Jeûneurs, dive into a Mediterranean atmosphere: between Greece on the first floor and Marrakech downstairs. A healthy cuisine to share with those at your table in a bright and cozy setting.

Nous Restaurant, 41 rue des Jeûneurs, 75002 Paris.

Daisy Green in London


Healthy food inspired by Australia, in multiple locations all over London? You are at Daisy Green Collection. Here you will find a vast array of vegan and vegetarian dishes, such as the “Bondi vegan board” a vegan plate to be shared, made up of peppers stuffed with vegan Bolognese, grated zucchini, oven-roasted eggplant, barbecue tofu steak and a rice salad. For dessert there is everything you could possibly want: from vegan chocolate cake, to vegan blueberry pancakes.

Daisy Green, 20 Seymour St, Marylebone, London

Awaken your Papilles in New York


Located in the East Village and run by three French cooks, Papilles offers a refined and tasty cuisine, making it one of the most renowned establishments of the Big Apple. The asparagus served for starters comes with grapefruit, coppa cheese and warm sabayon. Do not forget to try out one of their cocktails, which are also part of their specialties.

Papilles, 127 E 7th St, New York

Metta in Manhattan


Metta is a New-York restaurant committed to fighting against food waste, with a carbon neutral emission, and who buys local, fresh produce to guarantee the best quality while respecting the environment. An amazing initiative accompanied by an irresistible menu, made up of vegetarian salads, and a selection of cheeses.

Metta, 97 Adelphi St, Brooklyn

For some True Food, let’s go to Chicago


When in Chicago, we rush to True Food Kitchen to have some gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan seasonal food.The restaurant’s philosophy? Food should help us make us feel better, not worse. Bowls, pizzas, salads, humus, Chinese raviolis made of edamames, raw vegetables from the market served with tzatziki, kale and many more options are available there!

True Food Kitchen, 1 W Erie St, Chicago

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Article by Inès Huet

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