Today, we are all aware of what is happening globally that is causing floods, wildfires, and pollution. It is going to take all of us together to start working towards a more sustainable lifestyle for us to make a drastic change for the sake of our future. Granted, it is easier said than done. Luckily, we live in a world of apps to simplify our daily lives. By using these apps you are able to start making eco-conscious choices and will make you more aware of your current footprint. 


If you download this application you are able to search or scan beauty brands you use to give you information about the “dirty” and toxic ingredients potentially in your products that can be harmful to you or to the environment. It will give you the level of dirty and explain the reasoning why. Think Dirty will also give your recommendations for cleaner products that you can switch too.


This is the perfect app to look into detail about the brands you are wearing and getting a clear picture of their impact on the environment, how they treat their workers, and the treatment of animals. They give you trusted brand ratings and sustainable and ethical fashion labels to discover.


By using JouleBug you are able to easily start changing your everyday habits with helpful how-to videos, and information articles. You are able to track your daily sustainable acts of goodness and encourage friends through the app to do the same.


EcoCRED was created to make your life easier by providing simple solutions to climate change and what eco-friendly habits you can adapt to your everyday lifestyle. With this app, you are rewarded for your efforts every time you complete an eco-habit! You can also measure and track your footprint and the progress you make overtime for reducing it.


Vegan Maps provides you * for free* with vegan and raw food restaurant options in over 150 countries. Instead of walking aimlessly or scrolling through google maps you can just check on their map for recommendations in the city you’re in. It will even update you on restaurant and cafe openings allowing you to try the newest next best thing. If you fall in love with a place you can save it so you can be sure to make it back.

Written By: Katie Chaplin

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