YouTube is one of the best platforms to find inspiration and support gifted creators. Watching artists talk about their process, their work in progress, how they built their company or started their channel is really uplifting, as is seeing how they managed to put together beautifully animated and edited videos. We love finding women like Holly Exley or Fran Menses whose aesthetics we embrace and soaking in all their creative juices.

Fran Meneses

Originally from Chile, Fran has traveled the world with her husband Ed: moving from Berlin to Brighton, to New York where she currently lives. Fran does a lot of vlogs of her daily life as an illustrator, and also shares all the new mediums and techniques she tries out. Not one to shy away from a challenge, she makes clay pins, paints porcelain, or makes her own tree house decorations. We like her channel not only for Fran’s unique pastel-toned style, but also for her honesty and ability to open up online about her struggles and anxiety.

Furry Little Peach

Sha’an d’Anthes (aka furrylittlepeach) is an illustrator, artist and author from Australia whose excitement and cheerful attitude is contagious. Her content is bright and playful, a reflection of her own work. Her channel features vlogs, art challenges, the occasional haul, and many trying out videos. Sha’an makes it a point to always answer her community’s questions at the end of every video, giving out tips and tricks for all the aspiring artists out there in need of advice.

Holly Exley

This British freelancer is a full-time artist who has been working as an illustrator for a long time, making all her advice videos invaluable. She talks about everything from art theft, to the process of making her new cookbook, her painting projects and how to find your illustration style. Also a committed vegan, she shares her favorite recipes and meals online.

Leigh Ellexson

Leigh’s favorite things to draw are without a doubt animals and landscapes, which she always manages to draw in her bubbly, colorful style. She works a lot with gouache, watercolor and pencils, and walks us through her process in her vlogs. It is also really satisfying to be able to see Leigh’s evolution, in terms of content and drawing. Tune in for studio vlogs, painting videos, and gouache/watercolor reviews.

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Article by Inès Huet

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