After sunbathing on a beach, exploring national parks or chilling by the pool, the thought of offices or school benches can make you pretty sad. But there are some ways this time of year can actually be very motivating and inspiring.

Photo by Helloquence on Unsplash

A new start

Even more so than January and the new year, September feels like a new beginning. Summer vacations are often long enough to truly disconnect and not filled with the fun but (very) tiring end of year holidays. Maybe you’ve gone away and enjoyed the seaside, or you’ve stayed home, but either way, chances are you have been able to rest and recharge. If you don’t party until the very last day of your vacation, you’ll be going back to work feeling refreshed, and tasks that seemed hard and tiresome in July are now a little easier.

The end of summer is also the perfect time to get a new look. After all, your hair might have suffered from the sea, the sun or the pool, so why not take this opportunity to get a new haircut or just trim the damaged ends? It’s also the right time to look into all those activities you were curious about and never tried. Classes often follow the school schedule and start in September, even for adults. Take up boxing, painting or salsa dancing, and find something to relax and get your mind off work.

Going home

I always try to enjoy a few days at home before going back to work, so I can get reacquainted with my surroundings, and not jump right back into the routine of working days. Leaving behind your sunset mojitos on the beach might get you a little down, but it’s nice to feel at home and cozy.

Going home also means you get to see all the friends you’ve been missing this summer, and there are lots to tell them about (even if it’s just showing them pictures of the best food you’ve tasted!). Try to find some time for them and go get a coffee, see a movie or visit an exhibition.

Get back into the rhythm

If you’re like me, you like to sleep in whenever you can, and vacations are the perfect excuse to stay in bed late. So setting the alarm really early to get ready for work feels like torture. I try to get back to a normal schedule before the first day of work so it’s not as much of a change. I try waking up a little earlier every day a week before and, little by little, it usually gets easier. Planning fun activities in the morning, or even day trips (which are a good way to discover new things about your living area), can be a good motivation to leave the bed in the morning. Same goes if you have kids and want to get them ready for the school schedule!

Get organized

We make a fuss every year about spring cleaning, but I always find myself motivated to clean up my place at the end of August. Whether it’s just re-organizing my books, going full-on Marie Kondo and donating anything that “doesn’t spark joy” or changing the place of every piece of furniture, it allows me to free my mind from worries for a while. Sometimes, just changing the pictures on my wall is enough to feel like it’s a new year and start with a positive mindset.

Article by Juliette Cardinale