They are low-key on the outside but the inside is a world of lust on its own. Discover the sneakers created by Clae and Petites Luxures.

Clae x Petites Luxures

Clae, a sneakers brand founded in Los Angeles in 2001 by Koran designer Shung Choi, worked on a very limited edition of shoes with French artist Simon Frankart, well-known on the Internet as Petites Luxures. You can find the shoes on the website and in a few retailer stores. The shoes are mixing the classic style of Clae and the sexy subversive drawings of Petites Luxures.

For this collaboration, Simon Frankart makes over the Bradley, Clae’s iconic shoe. Both classic and modern, the shoes are the same color of Petite Luxures’ background: nude. You can find the elegant logo of the illustrator – a hand inside a heart – on the outside. But on the inside, bodies intertwine in an erotic drawing. Indeed, the shoe soles are covered in an original illustration created by Simon Frankart. Your feet will be cosy in comfy shoes that are stylish but keep a dirty little secret.

A successful Instagram account

Petites Luxures was the best kept on the Internet for a while: nobody knew who was behind the
Instagram account and its erotic illustrations. Simon Frankart shares drawings made with black ink on a nude background. Tastefully subjectives, the drawings are described by a caption in French, often a pun, and its English explication. Although they are NSFW, the drawings are subtle and minimalist
enough so they stay correct to look as in society. Today, Petite Luxures is very successful and followed by more than a million Instagram accounts.

Article by Juliette Cardinale