Want to take an adventure without ever changing out of your pajamas? We are very fortunate to live in a time that allows us to have an insane amount of access to different virtual experiences while we are stuck at home! Right now, we can get creative and find new ways to stimulate our brains and get our eyes off of our phone screens! So if you are really feeling cooped up, it might be time to take yourself on a new journey. All you have to do is pop some popcorn, grab your favorite drink and get cozy on the couch. 


We can all agree that it’s pretty rare to see a busy city center, amusement park or sandy beach practically empty! With almost half of the world population doing the right thing and staying home, these places are deserted. If you check out a live cam of the Las Vegas Strip or of the Eiffel Tower surroundings, it feels like watching a scene from a movie. It is so bizarre, but so interesting to see. 



Even though you may be craving a real outdoor adventure, this comes second best for the moment. You’ll be able to explore magnificent views and pretend you are actually there. Hike through Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah or discover the lava tubes in a volcano in Hawaii. You may even find your next travel destination once this is all over! 



For those of you who are big Disney fanatics or even if you have never gotten the chance to go, you can take a virtual ride onto some of Disney’s most popular attractions. Bring some thrill and excitement into your daily routine. Lift up your spirits and bring back the sweet nostalgia from your childhood. You can find most of these rides on Youtube. Et voilà, you are practically inside a Disney Theme Park! 


Maybe you’re an avid museum-goer and you simply appreciate slowly scrolling from one art piece to another. Or maybe you just haven’t been to many museums and you want to check out what the hype is all about. Now you can use Google Arts & Culture to take a tour and visit different museums from around the world. There are different museums for every taste. So, you are bound to find something that appeals to you.



Many artists and performers are live streaming homemade performances and concerts since any type of gatherings has been canceled. Although this is a huge bummer, it also gives everyone the opportunity to attend their favorite artists’ show for free! One of the biggest music festivals in the world are even streaming live DJ sets for your viewing pleasure. Follow your faves on Instagram and watch their stories to know when they are going live!

You can search for hundreds if not thousands of virtual experiences online. It’s important during these troubled times to let your imagination run free and keep your mind and heart in high spirits. Transport yourself into another world that is different than where you currently are!