Earlier this September, Nike unveiled the campaign for its D/MS/X shoes. The sneakers are as colorful, youthful and bold as their ambassador, the singer Rimon. We talked with the singer-songwriter about music and style.

At 21 years old, Amsterdam-based Rimon is an upcoming artist you should pay attention to. The young woman released her first EP BBYGIRL FOCU$ in November 2018. From soul to hip-hop and electro, she mixes ambiances and emotions. She’s loved streetwear for a long time and is now part of Nike’s D/MS/X campaign.

What is your relationship with streetwear and Nike?

I grew up with streetwear. I kinda was a tomboy back in the days so I loved tracksuits and comfortable clothing. We didn’t have a lot of money in our household when I was young, so I remember very clearly when my mother would purchase me new Nike airforces, once a year. There was a real joy in rocking new kicks the next day at school.

What is the item of clothing or pair of shoes you take everywhere?

I always take a hoodie with me, especially when I’m traveling. Even summers, cause the weather in The Netherlands is pretty unpredictable, and a hoodie always keeps me warm and cozy.

How would you describe your style, both in music and in fashion?

I’d describe it as a mixture of a lot of influences. The way I approach music and fashion is actually very similar, I really tap into every inspiration and influence I’ve encountered and make my own thing out of it. I really love mixing rough with sensual too, same with my music, I love to sing but I love to rap lowkey too, and I try to combine both of worlds cause that’s who I am.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

Anything, really… But mostly real-life events and situations, stuff I go through personally or people around me go through. When it comes to fashion and aesthetics, I check Pinterest and have a whole folder on Instagram with a bunch of saved pictures that inspire me. Lately I’ve been researching African tribes a lot and their traditions and clothing.

What were your teen years like? Were you into sports?

I was a real rebel in my teenage years, I loved to provoke and cross limits just to see what would happen. I loved sports! When I attended highschool I was approved to join the ”sports class” which was a special class that focused on people that wanted to focus on sports next to their education. I used to dance and play handball. 

When did you decide to pursue music as a career?

I think I was around 18 when I really got into music and started taking it seriously, I noticed that it was easier due to internet and streaming services to create your own fanbase and just release music, so that’s when I started to see opportunities.

Interview by Juliette Cardinale