Desigual launched its first Instagram filter designed by Miranda Makaroff. In three words? Free the nipple.

Desigual is taking advantage of the new possibility for brands to create Instagram filters. The fashion company is teaming up with Catalan artist Miranda Makaroff on the “Freedom” filter. Makaroff came up with an idea to celebrate women’s bodies, and especially showcase their (censored) nipples. Three different designs can be applied to breasts through Eveywoah agency’s AR technology: rainbow light beams, flowers or faces of Miranda.

It is no secret that social media often censor women’s bodies. The #FreeTheNipple movement is meant to stop the double standard of today’s media. On the one hand, women’s bodies and breasts are highly sexualized but on the other hand, women who are breastfeeding are asked to cover themselves and women’s nipples are often erased or blurred on social media (while men’s are not).

Miranda Makaroff’s own Instagram account has been censored multiple times for showing female nipples. Desigual’s chief marketing officer, Guillem Gallego, said on the decision to create the filter that “[female nipples] are inspiring, pretty and natural, and we hope that soon they can be shown on Instagram without the need for any filter.”

An ongoing collaboration

Miranda Makaroff, actress, fashion designer, dj and blogger is working closely with Desigual. The Catalan artist designed 20 pieces for Desigual inBeta’s upcoming Spring-Summer 2020 collection. The capsule collection will be unveiled on December 2019 during Miami Art Basel. According to Desigual, the collection is 100% sustainable and transgressive, a reflection on freedom, sexuality and the female body.

At the heart of Desigual, there is the core idea that clothes can express freedom by being true to oneself. The Desigual inBeta platform was created in 2019 to allow artists to develop collections in collaboration with Desigual.

Article by Juliette Cardinale