Summer’s almost over, whether it’s back to school or back to work. If you’re already dreading having to think of hairstyles to tame your hair and keep it from getting in your eyes while you work or study, here are 5 easy (enough) hairstyles to try.

High ponytail

A classic, true, but always fashionable. It keeps your hair from getting everywhere and leaves it free-hanging to showcase wavy beach-like hair (because summer s too short) or straight and long like Ariana Grande.

Reverse dutch braid ponytail

A twist on the precedent hairstyle. If the high ponytail feels too easy for you, why not try this reverse dutch braid? You still get the advantage of hair-free vision but it instantly feels more elevated, great for the library or a nice party.

Double top buns

We’ve seen the double buns a lot this year, from festivals to the beach. But this hairstyle is cute while being easy enough. Plus, it keeps some of it flowing freely, if you can’t decide between having your hair up or down.

Twisted ponytail

You like a good old-fashioned ponytail but you still want to change it up? Twist some of your hair around the hair-tie and get an intricate looking hairstyle that’s quick to achieve.

Braid with a scarf

Scarves are great accessories for your hair. Whether it’s around the hair-tie if don’t have time or braided into your hair like this picture, it gives something more to your look.

Article by Juliette Cardinale