Due to the current covid-19 pandemic, most of us are stuck at home. Looking for ways to fill your days? Hoping to save some money? Here are some places you can find free movies online.

Social distancing and lockdown rules are popping up all over the world to prevent the spread of the covid-19 (coronavirus). Whether you’re working from home, studying, or anxiously waiting to go back to work, you most likely are looking for things to do and watch. Lucky for you, these uncertain times have brought companies to share their content for free or made free content easier to find online.

Streaming services such as Netflix are a big help these days, allowing you to watch a big catalogue of content without having to buy the physical copy. Video on Demand also allow you to rent or buy a specific TV show or movie. But if money’s tight, or if you want to save because you have no idea what the future holds, there are plenty of free movies to discover online. Granted, a lot of these are old movies, but that does not mean they are not worth your while.

Watch old classics on Open Culture

Open Culture has you covered. You can find here more than 1,150 links to free movies, whether you are looking for classics, documentaries or famous directors’ short films. You can look through categories but I’d recommend searching for a specific title if you have one in mind. It’s the perfect place to find those old movies at the top of your to-watch lists.

Find feature films on the Internet Archive

There are many feature films that have fallen into the public domain. This means that they can be accessed freely, and the best place to find these is the Internet Archive. Open Culture might send you directly to the website but you can look through the collection yourself. You can mostly find old movies and there are some gems such as Stanley Donen’s Charade (with Audrey Hepburn and Cary Grant). There are also books, newsreel, music and much more available.

Watch movies and TV shows on Plex

Now’s the perfect time to make use of the one-month free trial period of most streaming services. But there are other online movie services that offer free entertainment. Plex has a range of free movies (albeit with ads) to watch. There is no need to enter a credit card number, you can start streaming as soon as you create an account. You can watch movies such as Corbucci’s Django.

HBO is now free in the US

If you’re in the US, the HBO catalogue is free all through April. It’s the perfect time to rewatch Westworld, The Wire or Veep, and even movies such as Pokemon Detective Pikachu. To access it, you will just need to download the HBO Now or HBO Go apps, or go to the hbonow.com or hbogo.com websites. Also only available in the US, the former FreeDrive service has become IMDb TV. There, you can stream movies and TV series such as Friday Night Lights and Memento.