Looking for reasons to be excited to come back to the city after your summer vacation? Here’s a selection of events taking place in New York this September.

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Enjoy Labor Day

Next Monday is Labor Day, which almost officially means the end of summer. On September 2, there are many events organized to let you enjoy summer a little more. If you’re staying in town for the three day weekend, hit up New York’s beaches or the West Indian Day Parade, in Brooklyn, a seven-hour carnival honoring the West Indian culture with calypso bands and colorful costumes marching down Eastern Parkway. And since you’re bound to get hungry, don’t worry, island food is sold on the way.

Arts events

A free outdoor photography festival, Photoville, is back at the Brooklyn Bridge Plaza on September 12 through 22. For this immersive photography village, shipping containers will be transformed into art galleries.

If you love enjoying culture but you especially love it when it’s free, Museum Day is for you. Hosted annually by Smithsonian magazine, it provides free entry to participating museums and cultural institutions (such as the Museum of Arts and Design). This year, it’s on September 21 and you can get your tickets here.

The annual Brooklyn Book Festival is back from September 16 to 23. With several authors presenting their works and thousands of books around, it’s a dream come true for bookworms. Learn more about who you might have a change to meet, here.

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For the foodies

The Vendy Awards are back for a final competition. The Academy Awards of street food will take place once more in New York City. So go to Governor’s Island on September 22 and sample from the 15 delicious food trucks (all from the past competitions) that are fighting for the All-Star Vendy Cup. New vendors will compete for the Best Freshman award. You can also hit up Atlantic Antic on September 29 in Brooklyn. More than 500 craft and food vendors will be waiting for you at this annual huge street fair, along with some music and beer. And if you’d rather be in the Bronx, the Bronx Night Market is still on every Saturday until October.

For any beer lovers out there, Oktoberfest is coming back from September 21 to October 6. It’s two weeks of drinking the best beers and enjoying traditional Bavarian food, even if you can’t fly out to Munich. Take advantage of the celebration going on in many places in New York such as parks and pubs.

Yoga festival, fashion week or beard competition?

On September 8, Wanderlust is back in Prospect Park. This large yoga festival will make you practice yoga (of course), but also run, meditate and have a dance party. There will be some healthy food and some live music to enjoy.

On September 6, it’s the start of the New York Fashion Week. While it’s near impossible to get invited to the fashion shows, some brands do offer tickets to the public. Plus, there are events going on the whole week until September 14. And we’re launching our pop-up apartment in New York from September 6 to 11! Come meet the Paulette team and take part in inspiring events!

Whether you’re following the hipster trend or you’ve been rocking the beard for much longer, you’ll be happy to know there is an event curated just for you. The Coney Island Beard and Moustache competition is back on September 7. Go down there at 6pm to register and try to win in one of the categories (“Moustachio Marvel” or “Dog and Pony” are among the list) at 8pm.

Article by Juliette Cardinale