Nike and Levi’s are dropping a collaboration in two parts this August. The capsule collection is first letting customers choose their own sneakers and then offering two set designs. 

In 2018, the Nike and Levi’s collaboration on the Levi’s x Air Jordan 4 was highly successful. Some buyers customized their new kicks by ageing and bleaching the Levi’s denim. So for their new collaboration, the two very famous brands have decided to give more creative responsibility to the customer. This is why the first part of the collaboration, Levi’s by You, allows clients to customize their sneakers. The second, Nike by Levi’s, offers a choice of two sneakers that are both engraved with the brands’ logos.

Build your own sneakers

Nike by You has been allowing customers to create their versions of their favorite shoes for years. But now they’re bringing Levi’s into the mix with the first step of the collaboration, Levi’s by You. Buyers can choose between three iconic shoes: the Air Force 1 High, the Air Force 1 Low and the Air Max 90. Then they can pick their favorite fabrics such as denim or leather and the colors they want on their sneakers. The sneakers are available from August 19 exclusively on

On August 26, Levi’s is dropping the second part of the collaboration. Some stores around the world will sell two pairs of sneakers (including Paris Champs-Elysées, Soho and London Regent Street).
This time, the designs are not subject to change. Covered with the logos of Nike and Levi’s, the Air Force 1 High will be made of pink denim while the Air Force 1 Low will be in indigo. Both sets of sneakers will have Levi’s iconic red label on the right shoe.

Article by Juliette Cardinale