GAP will donate a percentage of its October sales to breast cancer research. The initiative is inspired by Mackenzie Dougherty, GAP’s PR director who went through a double mastectomy operation in April.

October has been pink for several years. Pink, to raise awareness and encourage women to get tested for breast cancer. Pink, to get companies to donate money to research. In 2019, GAP has decided to join the initiative.


GAP’s PR director, Mackenzie Dougherty, found out she had breast cancer in March 2019. At 33, she chose to go through a double mastectomy the following month, in April. The brand has been inspired by its employee, a strong woman who’s shared her journey through the iforgotihavecancer blog. One day, while at brunch with her boyfriend in New York City, she forgot she had cancer. A fleeting moment that inspired the name of her blog.

Donating to research

GAP will give 10% of sales to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation® when customers purchase regular-price bras, in basic colors or with a flowery print, and bralettes. This donation will include purchases made between September 29, 2019 and October 19. It will be topped at $100,000.

The campaign for the collection features a radiant woman. Bald, maybe, but Mackenzie Dougherty is no less beautiful. Proud of her journey, she said that “there is so much that we do as women that we think makes us more beautiful, when really it’s covering so much of us up. Losing my hair and my breasts, I’ve really come to appreciate my body so much more. And I’ve learned that my most beautiful asset is my strength.” A mindset that helps her cope with a difficult situation and can inspire many women to find their strength.

The sooner the diagnostic, the better the chances to fight breast cancer. And the Breast Cancer Research Foundation® hopes to one day completely eradicate breast cancer, a condition that unfortunately concerns a lot of women. If you need a bra this October, think about spending money for a good cause and head to your closest GAP.

Article by Juliette Cardinale

The exclusive Vans x Vivienne Westwood Anglomania capsule collection reimagines the archives of both the Vans brand and the fashion label Vivienne Westood for six unique looks that will make your feet look punk but comfy.

The British fashion brand Vivienne Westwood has teamed up with the Californian shoe brand Vans to create a capsule collection that will make us forget empty our wallets. Designer Vivienne Westwood, an iconic figure of punk and sustainable fashion, draws on Vans’ famous shoes and her own archives to create six unique models at the crossroads of the two worlds.

We happily find the punk style that made Vivienne Westwood famous in the 70s but also her signature motifs like the globe and the lightning bolt and her famous prints like DESTROY. All on Vans’ comfy signature styles.

The best of both worlds

There are two versions of the Sk8-Hi in this capsule collection. The first pays tribute to one of the famous Westwood shops in London, its address is engraved as if it were a lette: 44 Conduit St. In natural vegetable beige leather, the Sk8-Hi has a postage stamp from the date of the collaboration’s launch in September 2019. The Sk8-Hi Platform is inspired by Westwood’s legendary pirate boots – first seen in 1981. It’s a full black shoe with a beige bucke strap on which is engraved the designer’s name

The Slip-On Checkerboard mixes the Vans checkerboard with Vivienne Westwood’s DESTROY designs, both iconic and unveiled for the first time in 1977. Westwood reimagines the Vans Checkerboard for the occasion and makes the checks larger.

This meeting between Vans and Vivienne Westwood brings back to life the style 53 from the shoe brand’s archives. The Slip-on Style 53 is a black loafer with the multicolore Vivienne Westwood signature globe on top.

The Old Skool, in burgundy suede, and the Authentic, in a striking new blue, highlight Vivienne Westwood’s classic symboles: the globe and the lightning bolt. All styles feature the VW monogram as a finishing touch.

The collection will be available from September 20, 2019 in shops and onling at and

Article by Juliette Cardinale