The exclusive Vans x Vivienne Westwood Anglomania capsule collection reimagines the archives of both the Vans brand and the fashion label Vivienne Westood for six unique looks that will make your feet look punk but comfy.

The British fashion brand Vivienne Westwood has teamed up with the Californian shoe brand Vans to create a capsule collection that will make us forget empty our wallets. Designer Vivienne Westwood, an iconic figure of punk and sustainable fashion, draws on Vans’ famous shoes and her own archives to create six unique models at the crossroads of the two worlds.

We happily find the punk style that made Vivienne Westwood famous in the 70s but also her signature motifs like the globe and the lightning bolt and her famous prints like DESTROY. All on Vans’ comfy signature styles.

The best of both worlds

There are two versions of the Sk8-Hi in this capsule collection. The first pays tribute to one of the famous Westwood shops in London, its address is engraved as if it were a lette: 44 Conduit St. In natural vegetable beige leather, the Sk8-Hi has a postage stamp from the date of the collaboration’s launch in September 2019. The Sk8-Hi Platform is inspired by Westwood’s legendary pirate boots – first seen in 1981. It’s a full black shoe with a beige bucke strap on which is engraved the designer’s name

The Slip-On Checkerboard mixes the Vans checkerboard with Vivienne Westwood’s DESTROY designs, both iconic and unveiled for the first time in 1977. Westwood reimagines the Vans Checkerboard for the occasion and makes the checks larger.

This meeting between Vans and Vivienne Westwood brings back to life the style 53 from the shoe brand’s archives. The Slip-on Style 53 is a black loafer with the multicolore Vivienne Westwood signature globe on top.

The Old Skool, in burgundy suede, and the Authentic, in a striking new blue, highlight Vivienne Westwood’s classic symboles: the globe and the lightning bolt. All styles feature the VW monogram as a finishing touch.

The collection will be available from September 20, 2019 in shops and onling at and

Article by Juliette Cardinale

Lifestyle brand UGG and fashion label Eckhaus Latta showcase the natural beauty of California in their brand new campaign for their Fall-Winter 2019 collaboration.

We first got a glimpse of them at the Eckhaus Latta fashion show during New York Fashion Week last February. 7 months later, the UGG x Eckhaus Latta shoes are finally available for purchase in stores. If you need a reminder of what they look like, a beautiful campaign highlights the collection in the impressive natural setting of Mono County, California. The models, photographed by Zoé Ghertner, can be seen on black sand, in front of snow-covered mountains and on the shore of Lake Mono, in the Sierra Nevada Desert in California.

The fashion brand created by Zoe Latta and Mike Eckhaus is staying true to its love for luxury fabrics and craftsmanship while paying tribute to its Californian roots. A connexion both Eckhaus Latta and UGG share, despite UGG’s founder (surfer Brian Smith) being from Australia.

5 pairs of shoes and 4 coats

This capsule collection includes a selection of 5 different shoes and 4 coats. 3 pairs are specifically for women. First, the “Court Mule” with a thin wooden heel, lamb suede and sheepskin lining. Then, the “Court Mule Open Toe” with a large suede heel and sheepskin. Lastly, the “Court Not Clog” with the same large suede heel and covered in Tuscan fur. There are also two pairs of unisex shoes, closer to the iconic UGG boots: the “Block Boot”, a boot very similar to the classic UGG with added subtle details and the “Block Slide”, a slipper with similar details. To top it all off, this collaboration includes 4 outerwear pieces in Tuscan sheepskin or curly sheepskin, all 4 in limited edition.

Article by Juliette Cardinale

The LA-based denim brand Mother unveiled a capsule collection called Mystical, right on time for the revival of spiritualism.

The beneficial properties of crystals are sought after

The famous Woodstock festival may be turning 50 years old in 2019, but the hippies and the mysticism some of whom followed are not just things of the past. For several years now, women have reclaimed the imagery of the witch. Far from being the villains of fairy tales, mystical women sing the praises of herbs, potions and crystals through numerous blogs. The Mother brand was inspired by the ambient spirituality of California to unveil a capsule collection called Mystical. True to its original inspiration, growing up in California in the 1970s, Mother celebrates freedom and independent spirits.

A pair of jeans for every need

In total, 17 pieces combine fashion and alternative beliefs. Four cuts (and colors) of jeans meet different needs: “Prosperity + Strength”, “Intuition + Creativity”, “Protection + Serene Travels” and “Love + Happiness”. Each pair of jeans comes with its own pouch, containing crystals corresponding to each need. There is also a denim jacket and shirt, embroidered with planetary or star-shaped symbols. A tracksuit, for the rather sporty aesthetics of the California Girl, socks and T-shirts with modern humorous messages (“Mystical af”) complete the silhouette of the mystical woman, often in the essential tie-dye colors.

The Lion’s Gate Portal

The capsule collection was unveiled on August 8, 2019, the day of the Lion’s Gate Portal. This astrological event, when the Earth aligns with the Sun and the star Sirius, is important for any mysticism enthusiast. It symbolizes transformation, evolution and energy update. The Lion’s Gate Portal is the best time to accept change and get a newfound appreciation for the world around us. The ideal time to find out more about mysticism? 

The Mystical collection is available in stores and on

Article by Juliette Cardinale