On a beautiful day in early September, we had the pleasure of spending our morning with the beauty brand 27 Rosiers in our Paulette pop-up apartment in New York City. Before our planned Qong meditation session, the beauty brand introduced us to its 360° beauty concept by giving us the opportunity to test their innovative products. It was a much needed moment of relaxation for the mind, body, and soul before our busy upcoming week.

27 Rosiers’ whole purpose is to provide a moment of relaxation in the midst of our hectic lives. The brand came up with a very well thought out beauty routine that takes care of the body in its entirety. By supplying moisturizing creams, masks, but also food supplements, 27 Rosiers shows that beauty is nothing more than our body being and feeling well, inside and out.

27 Rosiers collection

Innovating in the beauty industry: the 360° approach

Launched in the US on June 4th, 2019, 27 Rosiers was actually birthed in Paris from the shared values and vision of Kevin Le Roux and Stephanie Meeus. These two friends wanted to create “clean beauty” products fit for their active lifestyles, perfectly safe for the environment and people’s health, and only using healthy ingredients.

At a time when consumers are more and more careful about what they put on (and inside) their body, some brands have specialized in selling food supplements for better skin, while others have developed innovative creams and potions made from natural ingredients. But why not combine both? 27 Rosiers is the result of a 360° approach on beauty that is intimately connected to well-being. The company’s goal? That consumers see the benefits that the products provide inside and out.

Products that respect the environment and our health

27 Rosiers products are made from vegan, cruelty-free and non-toxic ingredients – no parabens, phenoxyethanol, phthalates or sulphates whatsoever; additives and artificial fragrances are also completely banned.

27 Rosiers provides a whole range of products that are not limited to our external shell. Thus, different skin care products that address both visible skin problems – such as dehydration, redness, dryness, etc. – and internal turmoil that can affect our metabolism – such as lack of sleep, digestive imbalance, stress, etc. – and directly impact the health of our skin . The environment we live in may also harm our skin – pollution, anxiety, blue light exposure, temperature variation, etc.

27 Rosiers Collection

A 360º beauty routine for your well-being

The first collection includes six products: four skin care products and two food supplements.

On the skin, apply:

  • Fight Grime ($ 39) is a detox and pollution cleansing gel. It contains moringa that protects your skin from air pollution.
  • Here We Glow Again ($ 65) is a serum that fortifies your skin’s natural defences and protects it from blue light exposure and pollution. It contains spinoza, which helps protect the skin.
  • Ready Selfie Go ($ 48) is a mask that helps brighten your complexion in 10 minutes. It contains spirulina, which is know for its powerful antioxidants.
  • Quench My Thirst ($ 52) is a moisturizing cream that softens the skin by restoring its natural shine, without making it look shiny. It contains orobanche rapum-genistae, a plant harvested in France that allows for a deeper hydration of the skin.

As for the health of your skin on the inside, you can take:

  • Gutta Move On ($ 49): a natural food supplement designed to purify the body of toxins and restore a damaged intestinal flora via a mixture of probiotics.
  • Glow For Good ($ 55): a natural food supplement designed to give the skin a youthful glow. It contains probiotics that are know for boosting the immune system and hyaluronic acid that are used to boost hydration.

With its innovative products made from carefully selected ingredients, 27 Rosiers supplies a skin care and beauty routine that rhymes with well-being and health.

27 Rosiers is available on their website and at Credo Beauty (online or in stores exclusively in the United States).

Article by Alexandra Hostier

Translated by PK Douglas