To all the foodies out there who are fans of avocado toasts, poached eggs, naans and any other kind of dish made with love, this is the book for you! 

Cathy Closier opened Season Paris in 2015. The craze and popularity of the café was immediate. Cathy’s goal was to concoct creative and tasty recipes using only fresh and seasonal ingredients, which meant that the food menu would change every three months to offer a healthy cuisine with oriental influences. 

Brunch at Season Paris

Season is filled with recipes put together by Cathy Closier, a lively Parisienne with strong New York flair. It’s not just a recipe book though, it’s also an opportunity to travel and to discover the many journeys and adventures that inspired Cathy’s tasty cuisine. The recipes are a mix of all kinds of cultures and influences from falafels and burritos to smoothies and pancakes. Everything you need to satisfy your culinary desires you’ll find in there. 

Cathy knew how to believe in her dreams and turn them into a reality. Now, she invites us to do the same. Turning the pages of her book is a journey through the dreams she made come true. This book not only allows you to revel in original home-cooked dishes but also serves as an inspiration on how to accomplish your goals.

To celebrate the launch of this recipe book , Paulette is giving all you foodies out there the opportunity to win a free copy and a brunch for two at Season Paris. So, if the prospect makes your taste buds happy, try your luck: go to Paulette’s Instagram account and follow the rules of the contest for a chance to win big! Good Luck! 

Article by Katie Chaplin

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