Nasty Gal is the American brand that knows how to combine exquisite style and playful details, to get you ready to take on any day with confidence. Their website receives 400 new pieces a week to ensure they keep you up to date on all the newest fashion trends. 

*In the past, the site was only available in English but as of April 29th they have made it available in French as well.*

Credits: Nasty Gal

Paulette met Kelly Byrne, the commercial director, during her visit to Paris to talk about fashion, inspirations and how to become a girlboss worthy of the name.

Who is the Nasty Gal woman?

The Nasty Gal woman is very carefree, insolent, she has a rather alternative style. She likes bohemian, vintage pieces and is inspired from previous times like the 60s, 70s or 80s than current trends. She trusts herself, she is bold, unique and represents the real girlboss, who takes her destiny in hand.

Credits: Nasty Gal

What do you like about Nasty Gal?

I love to see how people welcome the brand. When we joined the group two years ago, the market was tiny in the UK, and in the space of 18 months, it became huge. They want something new. The collaborations that we put in place are also very inspiring. We do not choose big stars but people whose subscribers are very engaged, and then we create lines with them. Emma Louise Connolly for example, her style is unique, she is a sincere woman, with her feet on the ground, people identify with her personality and her way of dressing. And her collections are selling in minutes.

What would you recommend to someone who would like to improve their style?

The essence of Nasty Gal is to dress for yourself, take a look and take ownership. On the site, we give advice but we want our customers to wear our clothes with their own personal touch. So I would say not to copy someone else but rather find what defines us.

Credits: Nasty Gal

Is the body-positive movement important to you?

Yes, completely. We are also developing our parts up to size 52 (UK 24) because we want to be a fashion destination for everyone, and that means making an effort to be more inclusive. We also select influencers of all ethnicities, all morphologies, all origins, so that each client can identify with Nasty Gal.

How do you see the fashion industry evolve?

The subject of the moment is obviously about ethical fashion. And while we must always be responsive and use social networks to inspire us, we are trying to invest more in this path. Nasty Gal has a vintage section that offers a new collection every two to three months – we work with suppliers around the world. We source old Levi’s that we customize, bandanas, buckles, belts … This is part of the original DNA of Nasty Gal and we do not want to lose that. We also launched a range of swimsuits made of recycled fabrics and we are trying do more and more of these things.

What to say to someone who judges that our dreams are not achievable?

I would not even listen to what this person has to say. It does not make sense to say that. Personally, I think everything is achievable, just work hard; we never have anything without anything. But if you are ready to work, to combine professional experiences, you will get there. At the university, I did 3, 4 different jobs to learn as much as possible and that’s what makes the difference for me.

Credits: Nasty Gal

What would you recommend to someone who wants to pursue a career in fashion?

Once again: the experience. Many young people think directly about luxury brands when they consider fashion, but the industry is so broad, there are a lot of opportunities in e-commerce, and it is important to go through the experience to find out what role would suit you. Many also think of the glitter and glamor side of fashion. But the truth is that it’s often far from being glamorous. The hours are long, no day is alike, it’s interesting, unique – but not always glamorous. Above all, you must have an open mind.

How to manage a great career and his personal life next door?

I have children, a hard job, and I think the key is to be surrounded, whether it’s your partner or your family, and most of all to love what you do. I know it’s very cliché, but it’s the truth: like what you do and you’ll enjoy just as much of your personal life.

Article by Katie Chaplin

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