The LA-based denim brand Mother unveiled a capsule collection called Mystical, right on time for the revival of spiritualism.

The beneficial properties of crystals are sought after

The famous Woodstock festival may be turning 50 years old in 2019, but the hippies and the mysticism some of whom followed are not just things of the past. For several years now, women have reclaimed the imagery of the witch. Far from being the villains of fairy tales, mystical women sing the praises of herbs, potions and crystals through numerous blogs. The Mother brand was inspired by the ambient spirituality of California to unveil a capsule collection called Mystical. True to its original inspiration, growing up in California in the 1970s, Mother celebrates freedom and independent spirits.

A pair of jeans for every need

In total, 17 pieces combine fashion and alternative beliefs. Four cuts (and colors) of jeans meet different needs: “Prosperity + Strength”, “Intuition + Creativity”, “Protection + Serene Travels” and “Love + Happiness”. Each pair of jeans comes with its own pouch, containing crystals corresponding to each need. There is also a denim jacket and shirt, embroidered with planetary or star-shaped symbols. A tracksuit, for the rather sporty aesthetics of the California Girl, socks and T-shirts with modern humorous messages (“Mystical af”) complete the silhouette of the mystical woman, often in the essential tie-dye colors.

The Lion’s Gate Portal

The capsule collection was unveiled on August 8, 2019, the day of the Lion’s Gate Portal. This astrological event, when the Earth aligns with the Sun and the star Sirius, is important for any mysticism enthusiast. It symbolizes transformation, evolution and energy update. The Lion’s Gate Portal is the best time to accept change and get a newfound appreciation for the world around us. The ideal time to find out more about mysticism? 

The Mystical collection is available in stores and on

Article by Juliette Cardinale

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