There are plenty of events in which we are thrilled to put on our pyjamas: on weekends, on pyjama parties, on days-off, whenever we are asleep… It even seems that we spend half of our lives clothed this way, and nevertheless, inadequate attention is given to this specific clothing, at least, less than for the ready-to-wear apparel, and Morgane Curtis is one of them. Through her brand, she tries to change pyjama’s very own status.

Morgan Lane is a specific homewear brand created in 2014 by Morgane Curtis. At only 31 years old, Morgane Curtis is revolutionising homewear’s market, often disdained by fashion designers, but evolving at the same time as our society in which people tend to be lately, more at home than outside. She offers through her brand a genuine lifestyle and universe. Entertaining, cheerful, fashionable, delicate, audacious, the brand inspired by the Lanie Doll is as inspiring as her CEO.

Credits: Morgan Lane

Why did you create your brand? Were you already working in fashion?

So fashion is in my blood. My mother is the fashion designer of Jill Stuart, and then her mother was a designer, her father was a designer too, and I have grown up with fashion my whole life. I have always been in love with it. When I started my own brand, I wanted to do something really comfortable that was fashionable, and I saw that there was a kind of a hole in the sleepwear market for fashion-forward pyjamas. So I combined my love of beautiful fabrics and little details and thought of this small Morgan Lane line. It’s also a way of celebrating the doll Lanie and not taking too seriously lingerie because you should have fun with your pyjamas and celebrate your home life.

So, were you working with your mother before you started?

I was actually. I worked for my mom for five years, and we have been in the same office since I graduated from college in 2009. Moreover, then, I simultaneously also launched the woman’s line for the bathing suit’s company Solid and Striped which is why my love of swimwear came along. Also, at one point I was doing all three brands at once. The first two years of Morgane Lane I was actually still working at Jill Stuart and Solid and Striped.

Did you have like a passion for pyjamas?

Well, if you think about it or if you are like me, I spend way more time at home than outside. Plus, when I pack for vacation I like to pack like easy, loose and comfortable things that I can wear all day and all night, so I think it makes more sense to actually spend money on the items that you are going to cherish and wear at home, and then style them as ready-to-wear if you want to.

Credits: Morgan Lane

Do you have a target audience? Who are your clients?

Well, the Lanie girl is inspired by the doll, and she’s playful, she’s a little bit of a trouble maker, really confident and really creative plus loves to travel, she enjoys collecting and cherishing tiny objects which is appreciating the small details that go with the pyjamas. She is a big fan of my whimsical approach to sleepwear and appreciates all the little embroideries and little characters that I introduce each season. She definitely loves to style herself and put random things together and most of all she is not afraid to wear a pyjama top out on the street.

How did you expand your social media in the world? Are you working with influencers?

I have worked with several people from the beginning that I either knew or met over Instagram. I have constant fans of the brand that supported me since the inception, and I still have a great relationship with them. Also, I think, well it’s great to meet new influencers and start working with them, but I guess it is also essential to keep introducing the new collection to your original influencers. At the same time, one of the six girls, one of us is our new digital designer, and she is taking on my Instagram and all my digital media since October so just one month so far but she has been doing very well. Also, I see Morgan Lane as a story, and each collection has a new theme, and it is essential to show that on social media. There are so many little characters and such a fun attitude to the brand that we need a lot of animation and gifts, and there are so many fresh and new things that you can do. For example, we are about to introduce a Lanie series of the giphy on Instagram stories, and I am very excited about that.

Credits: Morgan Lane

What is your favourite Morgan Lane piece?

That is a great question. It changes all the time but I think that my favourite has always stayed consistent: it is the shirt version the pyjamas. I love these, and I love to wear them out with blue jeans and stuff, and I think that they are like Lanie’s uniform which is why I like them so much. The woman who made the doll is named Amanda Fatherazi. She’s a doll designer, and she works a lot with Charlotte Olympia and a few other brands that make a lot of these little like characters and things on shoes and bags. We have met on Instagram, I have reached out her, and then, I have met her in London. Apart from the fact that she looks like a doll in person, she is so creative, and so we collaborated on the doll, a few sleeping masks and occasionally shoe designs.

What’s the next step for your brand? Is it to be better known internationally?

Definitely. Le Bon Marché sells my brand exclusively in Paris so, they were one of my first stores which was very exciting for me because it is truly my favourite store in the world. Did you know that they have the most fantastic laundry department? Compared to the other ones, such as Printemps or Galeries Lafayette they have much more international designers. It also shows that Le Bon Marché has a really contemporary forward-thinking attitude while staying very classic and beautiful. I started working with them with my second collection in 2014, but now that Catherine Miran helps me with the press I think that it’s going to grow a lot, not only in France but all over Europe.

> Interview by Margaux Rouche.

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