Monki is launching its second collaboration with Mental Health Europe. Mental Health is a sensitive topic but Mental Health Europe is trying to tackle the taboo subject with a head on approach.

Credits: Monki

The goal of this initiative is to help end the stigma around mental illness by starting a conversation. Monki produced three videos around different emotions: happiness, sadness and the combination of them both. They have also launched four limited edition t-shirts: each with a different impact statement.

Credits: Monki

Mental Health Europe is a non-governmental organization that works as a networking group within Europe. Monki is working closely with them to make sure they are getting all the facts right and are therefore able to send the right message. 

Monki’s statement found on their t-shirts is designed to be relatable by everyone. If you go to their website you will find more information on the collaboration and advice on picking up the signs of mental illness. They’re calling it “pink flags” of mental health issues and offer 6 ways to combat them. 

Maybe you are sad,

maybe you are happy.

Maybe you do not feel anything

or that you feel all the same time.

In all cases,

be indulgent with yourself.

No matter what you feel, it’s normal.

But what is normality?

Normal is a boring word.

We feel alone, we cry.

We laugh, we love.

It’s complicated to be a human.

Be proud / proud of what you are.

To learn more about this initiative click here!

Article by Katie Chaplin

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