The Californian Bistro, Maddy’s was created by a Franco-American named Jonathan Jablonski. Jonathan is an athlete who is passionate about body building, nutrition and sweets! He managed to combine all three of his passions perfectly into a restaurant.

When you take a look at the menu you will notice that there are some healthy options such as a muscle bowl or a detox juice. Then you will also see things like cheeseburgers, freakshakes and cake! This way there’s a pick for everyone: Whether you just came from the gym after a tough workout to get your daily dose of nutrients or if you have been making healthy choices all week and it’s time for your cheat day! 

Offering all athletes and foodies alike homemade sauces, fries, artisan bread baked in their workshop, freshly homemade baked goods and desserts. All the portions are pretty big, as in American-sized! 

Maddy’s has a coffee shop open all day that serves specialty Arabica coffee from Ethiopia, Brazil & Peru. They even have iced coffee drinks such as iced cappuccino or iced coffee.

They even have a Sunday brunch buffet served from 11h-16h. It is a self-service all you can eat buffet…It doesn’t get much more authentically American than that! Prices vary from €35 for an adult and €12 for a child.

Article by Katie Chaplin

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