Sometimes when we are getting dressed, inspiration comes to us right away. Other times we stand in front of our closet with no idea what to wear. Those times, it would be nice for someone to pick out an outfit for us that would feel interesting and like we haven’t worn it a thousand times already. To find new ideas and creative ways to pair your clothes, why not follow women whose style speaks to you?


Halemur has an impeccable (at times) androgynous style, always wearing neutral colors, and interesting shaped clothes. Her preference for straight-legged pants with a slight ankle crop, clean shirts and beanies, does not stop her from wearing dresses from time to time, all the while remaining true to her overall aesthetic.


A good dose of color can put anyone in a good mood. That’s why we love pyperbleu’s style, and color palette. She always manages to find interesting shades to combine, all the while playing with texture and size. What’s more, the YouTuber has had long colorful hair, dyed many colors like blue and pink, so if you have colored hair as well and have started wearing all black or white because you don’t know what to pair it with, let her pyperbleu be your guide!


Elufée is a French jewelry maker who wears almost exclusively vintage clothing. This makes for truly original outfits, with one-of-a-kind pieces, that the creator manages to combine in fun and elegant ways. She also has her own vintage online shops where she sells some of her best secondhand finds!  

Feminine ease

Arden Rose has that rare ability to throw anything on and look both effortless and chic. Whether it be a plain white t-shirt or a little skirt, her easy feminine style makes her a great source of fashion inspiration, that is surprisingly easy to recreate at home.


Florence, the singer from the band Florence and the Machine, always looks like something out of a 70s dream. She prefers long, flowy fabrics, including dresses, jackets and kimonos, that gracefully drape her long figure. She also likes pairing different prints together and adding a unique pair of boots to top off her whole outfit. Her boho folk style seems very approachable in her ootd pictures, so do not be afraid to get inspired by this talented lady.

Article by Inès Huet

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