From September 6 to 11, our team was in New York to meet our community and lead various workshops in the popular Lower East Side. It was an enriching and moving experience, since it was so important for us to come to you. So we crossed the Atlantic Ocean and opened the doors of our very own apartment in Manhattan to welcome you; and it was incredible.

We told you at the end of August: Paulette chose New York to celebrate its 10th birthday in September. And it’s during the Fashion Week that part of our team showed up at the 123 Bowery; at the 5th floor because we like to work on our behinds. The bright and welcoming loft, in Paulette’s colors, was perfect to organize meetings and workshops around good vibes and cookes for even more inspiration and self self-empowerment. The pop-up Paulette apartment had a very busy but exciting schedule during which we were able to talk to you and discuss topics that interest us, revolt us and motivate us.

A few workshop extracts via our Instagram account

What an adventure!

Thanks to our partners: MAJE, NIKE, ABSOLUTION, 27 ROSIERS, GLOSSIER…

Interior design in collaboration with @abigailbellvintage

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