Are you tired of coming back from your summer vacation with your hair dry and full of split ends? We use sunscreen on our faces and bodies, but our skin is not the only thing that needs protecting from the sun. The heat also has a tendency to damage our hair, rendering it lifeless. Here are some tips to prevent this from happening, with a pre-beach routine.

Protective hair oil

Applying protective oil to your mane before you go out in the sun or take a dip in the sea can really make a difference. Not only does it protect your hair, it also hydrates your ends, improving the overall aspect of your strands. We recommend this version by Leonor Greyl, which also happens to be waterproof!

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Do a keratin treatment

Our hair and nails are made up of keratin, to repair your hair and protect it from sea and pool water, we recommend doing a keratin hair mask. We guarantee your hair will feel softer and stronger after this step.


Avoid dying your hair

It is no secret that getting highlights or coloring your hair can really dry it out. If you are going on vacation, you should avoid going to the salon beforehand, unless it is to chop off your damaged ends. If you really cannot wait to get your hair dyed, plan to get it done at least 3 weeks before your departure.

Sun protection for your hair

Invest in a sun protection for your hair, as you would for your face and body. Yves Rocher has an SPF 15 hair oil which works wonders and can be applied on your hair and body!

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Use aloe vera shampoo

Aloe vera is famous for its hydrating properties. Using a shampoo that contains aloe vera before you leave for the beach or after you come back from it, can really help nourish your scalp and rid it of any impurities. We particularly like Christophe Rodin’s shampoo.

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With all of these tips, get ready for the best summer hair!

Article by Inès Huet

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