As a creative, the notion of inspiration is extremely important. How do you stimulate yourself creatively to find new ideas and concepts for drawings, videos, articles, stories? Is there even a way to encourage or trigger inspiration? For a long time, I was unable to draw or write anything even though I felt the strong yearning to do so. I felt uninspired, until I changed my routine and discovered simple, effective ways to get my creative juices flowing. Below are some tips for you to do the same.

The first thing I did was create an Instagram account and be mindful of the accounts I followed. Instagram can offer the opportunity to get a daily dose of inspiring content, as long as you choose to use it in this way. When I was trying to get back into drawing, I followed and discovered gifted illustrators whose work made me want to create. The same goes if you are trying to build your photography skills for example: following talented photographers will make you want to try new things and work hard to perfect your craft. Stop following accounts that do not resonate with you, for instance, get rid of influencers who do not bring you anything on a personal level, and instead choose what you want to focus on: seeing artwork, photography, or books every day. Be intentional of who you follow: consider what these accounts bring you, if they do not spark joy then they should not be on your feed.

YouTube can be another fun way to find inspiration. Watching brilliant creatives talk about their process, their work in progress, how they built their company or started their channel can get you excited to do the same. Seeing how these individuals manage to put together beautifully animated and edited videos can be very uplifting. Find the people whose aesthetic you embrace and appreciate their work. 

Go to exhibitions, to the movies, screenings, galleries, or conferences on topics that make you vibrate. Discovering new things or learning more on subjects you are passionate about can be extremely stimulating. On a less public level, reading books, watching movies or listening to podcasts has the same positive effect.

At home, in your room or office, create a space that feels energizing and beautiful, put up artwork by artists you enjoy, and your own work that you are proud of. Decorate your environment so that it feels welcoming when you want to start getting down to business.

Pretty much surrounding yourself with anything related to the field you are interested in can have a positive impact on your creativity and get you motivated to make things. Talking with likeminded people and friends about your projects and aspirations is also a great way to bounce ideas around and come up with concepts together.

In the end though, it is also about taking the plunge and creating. Even if at first you do not feel inspired or you do not like what you are making, like a sport it is about perseverance and dedication as well. The sense of fulfillment you get from actually creating things that matter to you is one of the best feelings.

Article by Inès Huet

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