Here at Paulette we are committed to celebrating fashion while still preserving the environment. These two things are not incompatible, on the contrary. You can have original, unique pieces of clothing without consuming fast fashion. Having style does not mean you have to sacrifice your desire to prevent climate change. Below discover simple, effective ways to dress more sustainably.

First off, let’s address the question of what to do with clothes that you no longer want. Rather than throwing them in the trash, which would be incredibly wasteful, here are some sustainable alternatives:

Give your clothes away to your friends. Ask your group of friends if they are interested in the clothes you no longer want, guys included. The pieces you no longer wear might have some happy takers. Find organizations that give clothes to those in need, by giving your clothes to your local Goodwill for instance. Sell them online, on platforms like Vinted which specialize in selling secondhand clothing.

Ask yourself if you really no longer have any use for the item of clothing you want to get rid of, or if there is any way you could give it a second life. DIY projects are the best way to give a dress, jacket, pair of jeans, etc… a new look. Get creative with it: you could paint the back of your plain jean jacket with fabric paint, embroider a simple lackluster t-shirt, tailor your clothes to make them fit better, add cool patches to the elbows of a sweater… Below are a couple of videos demonstrating DIY projects you can try out at home.

When you want to get new clothes, either because you need them, or are just looking for some novelty, how about…

Organizing a clothing trade party with your friends. Invite all of them over to trade the clothes they no longer get any use out of or ask that one friend whose style you like to let you know when they are cleaning out their closet.

Check out your family’s closets. Parents, siblings, or grandparents’ closets are often full of hidden, unexpected treasures, just waiting to be picked up and used again rather than be left dusting away and forgotten. Do not be afraid to tailor or alter the pieces you find to suit you or give them a modern edge.

If you really must buy, try only buying secondhand. One of the biggest problems we have as a consumer society, is the urge to buy more and new things. Rather than cherishing the things we already own we are always thinking of what we could buy to finally have the perfect closet. Buying garments is also associated to a feeling of satisfaction, which can be unhealthy if it leads to your buying new clothes every week or month. Chances are you do not need that many clothes, and do not even to replace the ones you already have. Be mindful of not over consuming fashion, just because you have been used to it. To break that habit, try to buy from vintage shops in your town, or on online platforms like Vinted. Vintage shops are often underestimated, but they are filled with original pieces of clothing, often one of a kind, as demonstrated by Diana Chamomile.

And if you really want something new, shop from brands that make it a point to have ethically sourced frabics, and who have real environmental commitments.

Here is an informative video that explains further why it is important to shop sustainably, and offers tips on how to go about it, if you are interested in learning more on the subject.

Article by Inès Huet

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