Girl Gaze is a digital and innovative platform putting forward creators from all over the world in order to link them with partner brands. Since 2016, this community aims to reduce gender inequalities in the very specific field of photography. 

Since its launching in 2016, Girl Gaze does not cease to diversify its perspectives. Its history began first with a simple hashtag (#girlgaze) and an Instagram page. Its purpose? Highlighting new women photographers in order to reduce gender inequalities in this artistic domain. 

Its founder, Amanda de Cadenet, is the famous producer, photographer and writer, well known for her TV Show “The Conversation with Amanda de Cadenet” which invited people such as Hilary Clinton. Regarding to these facts, it does not seem so hazardous that such a personality, very involved in the woman’s cause, is behind the concept of Girl Gaze. 


Today, the Instagram page @GirlGaze is publishing daily new photographs taken by women and representing women. Through this very specific act, it is a kind of accompaniment for women’s own representation that is advocated. Fighting for diversity, the page shows no canon. Plus, not a single way of living our feminity is shown, which is a significant manner to let all the women feel that they are legitimate

By representing different types of women, Girl Gaze displays all the things that distinct a woman from another, but, at the end of the day, it aims to show our likeness. Neither thinness nor boldness of bodies are misrepresented for instance. This choice of representing all enables the suppression of established borders, and triggers a feeling: there is not only one way to affirm ourselves, our pride and self-confidence, but a thousand ones. 


In the case that it is fundamental to realize that stereotypes, diktats exist, the page condemns these society rules firmly. Fore and foremost, one has to carry a caring gaze on all women. Whenever we are scrolling through the page, we notice that very different women such as one wearing a veil, and others assuming their nudity are put side by side even if, normally, these women are often opposed. Hence, Girl Gaze teaches us what tolerance is: never erasing heterogeneity. 

Girl Gaze is not an authoritarianism of the mind but plural kinds of freedoms


Not only visibility is given to women through the page: it also allows women to have a voice. Every posted picture has its own description giving diverse informations concerning the artist’s work, which echoes a lot with feminist artistic battles perpetuated by Guerrillas Girls, women’s collectives defending women artists such as awarewomenartists.com, and renowned art historians rewriting the great artists’ history, in the past exclusively written by and for men. 


Since its launching, plenty of brands have already collaborated with the platform: Gap, Levi’s Strauss & Co. and Google. New projects have been constantly introduced, one at a time, multiple times a year. Thanks to this gesture, women from all over the world can now participate to these, and somehow have the great opportunity to be chosen and continue to make art

For further information, you can consult their website right here! 

Article by Yasmine Lahrichi

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