Often considered as a bad aliment when compared to green vegetables, despite its low glycemic index, potatoes are a fundamental food item if you want to stay in good health. 

According to a nutritionist, to suppress potatoes from your diet is a wrong idea although it doesn’t have a tremendous reputation since a thousand years because of popular culture. Indeed, before the twentieth century, potatoes were one of the main meals of deprived people, and today, the main component of fast-food restaurants. The result is a biased vision of a food item extremely important for a healthy diet, and not only a piece of junk food that we always crave for. 

Credits: @letscookvegan.

There are lots of benefits in spuds. First, it is seldom forgotten that it is a vegetable, and, since we live in an era in which it is very difficult not to eat transformed and industrial food items, this option is interesting in many ways to nourish ourselves more healthily. Another important fact: potatoes are rich in Vitamin C. And last but not least, puds is something on which everyone agrees, including vegans and people with gluten intolerance. Good reasons to think that tonight it’s going to be full of potatoes. 

Article by Yasmine Lahrichi 

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