Less than two months after launching, Majelan now counts more than 50 000 active users, mostly in France. However, worldwide expansion is the ultimate goal. To do so, the new app immediately rolled out in 50 countries with an impressive library including 280 000 audio series, or 13 million episodes in English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, and Portuguese.

Available in French and English on iOS and Android, the smaller-yet-promising new comer aims to become a big player in a market that has yet to find its leader. Some might say that Apple’s iTunes remains the podcast platform to compete with. Nevertheless, there seems to be a vast pool of potential users to cater to. After raising €4 million that were mostly invested in the technology to build the platform, Majelan launched a free app that aggregates thousands of podcasts from around the world, along with Majelan+, a subscription-based, cancel-anytime service, premium app that showcases original content produced by Majelan Studio – around 20 podcasts so far – like West Coast Los Angeles or a series of interviews of Bret Easton Ellis by French journalist Frederic Beigbeder.

And of course, Majelan features Paulette’s very own series of podcasts focusing on personal stories from inspiring women, and men, that shake things up in their respected fields. Paulette had a real blast chatting with these singular personalities, like soccer player Delphine Cascarino, who electrified the public as part of France women’s soccer team during the FIFA Women’s World Cup, or Instagram female comedian Emyra. All 10 episodes of our first season of Paulette podcasts are available on Majelan. Enjoy!

Listen to Paulette podcasts here

By PK Douglas

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