Fashion Revolution Week has officially begun, starting April 22nd until the 28th. This global movement has begun to challenge people to ask the question of #whomademyclothes. In this revolution they are trying to push people to ask for more transparency, sustainability and ethics in the fashion industry. 

How you can get involved this week is to start asking your favorite brands #whomademyclothes. Consumers purchasing habits and demand for a more ethical supply chain is what will make all the difference now and in the future to come. 

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A way to get involved in this revolution is not only by advocacy but by actions. Here are three ways for you to start making conscious buying decisions. 


When shopping look for brands that stand up to your values. See if there is information available on their supply chain before buying. Look for where they are sourcing their materials and where is their manufacturer is located. Check if they publish any information on their carbon footprint on their website. Another thing to consider is if they are committed to gender and racial equality in the workplace. 


Be mindful of what you are purchasing and if you really need what you are buying. When you are more particular about what you are buying you are able to make better decisions on the quality of a product and its durability. When you start having a minimalist mindset you will be able to invest in a wardrobe that will last be something that you are proud of and can feel good about wearing. 


More and more slow fashion brands are emerging after the building collapse in Bangladesh. Ethical fair trade brands are looking at the big picture by every aspect of the production of a product. All the way from the design process to the production and distribution. Search for brands that have fair wages and safe working conditions at the forefront of their company. 


If you question where your clothes are made from and would like to get more information, Fashion Revolution has set up an e-mail platform to help you do so. They have made it easy for you by typing up the e-mail for you so you don’t have too. All you need to do is fill in the blanks and press send! 

Social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter are also great tools to use your voice. Fashion Revolution has also set up a questionnaire for you to tweet or make an Instagram post to a brand. 

If there’s a brand that comes to mind right away that you have been wondering about, go ahead and contact them! 

Website: Fashion Revolution

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Thank you to everyone who has already participated in our #WHOMADEMYCLOTHES campaign on the first day of #FashionRevolution week. Don’t forget – there are many more ways than one to ask, “Who Made My Clothes?”. So tweet to your favourite brand, write them an email, or share your label on Instagram – and if they don’t answer right away, ask again. We are feeling energized by the momentum of this movement, and ready for what lies ahead this week. Make sure you keep up to date with all of the exciting partnerships, launches, and events this week by subscribing to our YouTube Channel and the Fashion Revolution newsletter (both are linked in our story right now). And let us know in the comments if you’ve had a brand respond to the question #whomademyclothes Already! 🧥🧵👖🧶👚

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Article by Katie Chaplin

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