TOMS is only getting better and better with all of the impact they are making around the world! They are a company that started in 2006 that provides shoes, sight and safe water to millions around the world. There concept is One for One. Now, not only do they have their One for One programs, they are teaming up with other change makers and non-profit organizations with similar visions. They are working with others who also want to create and inspire, by doing! 

TOMS says, “Because it’s bigger than shoes, it’s what we do in them.”

TOMS is partnering with a hairdresser from the UK who is also the founder of #DoSomethingForNothing, Joshua Coombes to talk about the problem of how the homelessness in France and in other parts of Europe is only growing. #DoSomethingForNothing started with Coombes giving free haircuts to the homeless and now it has expanded above and beyond that!

Joshua Coombes Cutting Hair

Coombes and TOMS have paired up with local NGOs to present an art show in four major cities in Europe this month this is part of Josh Coombes existing exhibit called Light & Noise. The first show took place in Manchester, the next will be in Paris then Amsterdam followed by their final show in Berlin. The art you will be able to see and enjoy will be shining a light on the homeless of the different cities where the show is presented. The artists utilize multimedia content as well as visual art to get their point across. 

Not only are they just making us aware of the problem at hand but they are really are taking action! TOMS has also partnered with local homeless organizations and their art program to support them by making donations.  On top of all that, there will be limited edition prints of the original work on sale for purchase and all the proceeds will be donated to the local organizations.

Joshua Coombes

Specifically, in Paris, they have partnered with the organization called La Rue Tourne. They have also teamed up with Paris-based photographers and artists such as Jamie Morrison, Emilie Desir, Laurent Demartini, and Hegar Barkati. Hegar Barkati is not only one of the photographers but he is also an artist and the found of the organization La Rue Tourne.

TOMS is known for their incredible impact on communities around the world and that giving is what makes up the fundamentals of their brand. With this partnership they are evolving this project into something so much bigger. By joining with these outstanding local organizations and the work that is being put towards to bring awareness to this growing issue you can see that something great is being accomplished here! It’s not something that you want to miss being apart of! 

Where ? 7 Rue Saint-Claude, 75003 Paris, France

When ? March 21, 2019 at 6PM

How ? RSVP Here

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Article By Katie Chaplin

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