What is endometriosis anyway? It may be likely that you have heard of this condition but it’s more likely that you don’t know that much about it. Endometriosis is a chronic condition that causes symptoms of heavy bleeding, nausea & vomiting, anxiety, chronic fatigue, bloating, pain during sex and possible infertility. This occurs when the cells In the lining of the womb break down and bleed. Normally, these cells exit the body through the vagina but with endometriosis, the blood is released into other places like the abdomen, ovaries, bladder, among other places.

March is Endometriosis Awareness Month. I created this infographic hoping to educate others on endometriosis. Statistically, someone you know is suffering, and it's highly likely she’s unaware that what she’s experiencing isn’t “normal”. Please share to help spread awareness. You never know who is out there desperately looking for answers.

This is believed to affect 1 in 10 women or roughly 176 million women around the world. Yet some doctors tell women when hearing their symptoms that some women just get heavier periods. They are not taken seriously and some are not diagnosed for years and are having doctors just throw them pain relievers. This illness is just shoved under a rug and ignored. People just chalk it up to thinking that they just get bad cramps but it will be over in a week and they will be fine. If you talk to someone living with this daily, they will tell you a completely different story. 

Endometriosis is not just a bad period like some us may know it to be. It is a major chronic illness that affects a women’s emotional and mental state with physical pain.

These women are dealing with symptoms and effects of endo daily and you probably don’t even realize. Women are SO strong and resilient going to work every day despite the pain they are feeling. They grit their teeth and bear it and try their best to live like nothing is wrong. 

There is a serious lack of awareness. There is no cure. Medication, some surgeries, and heat pads simply are not enough to help. Women struggling need something more to be done and doctors should be actively looking for a way to cure this disease. More gynecologists and doctors need to become more knowledgable and understanding about what these ladies are going through. 

If you are living with endometriosis know that you are not alone! If you are having these severe symptoms regularly and you have been told it is normal by your gyno, I implore you to seek out another opinion. Keep searching until you find someone who can diagnose you properly and start giving you the help that they can offer you. 

It’s Endometriosis Awareness Month! Let your friends and family members be heard by sharing information about this chronic illness.

For more information or to join a community of others experiencing the same as you, check out https://www.practicalendo.com

Written By Katie Chaplin

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