When summer rolls along, and temperatures start to climb, no one wants to be wearing layers of foundation and heavy mascara, unless they want to resemble a racoon by the end of the day. Our bodies sweat and our faces melt. Instead, we prefer discreet lashes and tinted lips that beat the heat. Here are some subtle makeup tricks and tips to survive the blaze and still look good.

Eyes are the windows to our soul, as the saying goes, hence why we particularly like highlighting them. For summer, if you do not want to apply any mascara at all, reach for an eye-lash curler and give some natural volume to your lashes. If you still want some color on your eyes but cannot be bothered to reapply mascara on the daily, we recommend getting your lashes tinted. The tint lasts for about three weeks and is very low maintenance, perfect for summertime. Finally, if you want to wear mascara, reach for a waterproof version of your favorite one, like this Better than Sex Waterproof mascara by Too Faced.  

Your brows can easily frame your face if properly filled in. For those that like to fill in their brows even in the summertime, it is a good idea to grab a waterproof one that will last through the heat without moving. Anastasia’s Beverly Hills Dipbrow Gel for example, comes in nine different tints to perfectly match your brows with its light gel formula.

Credit: Sephora

For a no-fuss touch of color on your lips that will not risk budging because of the hot weather, we recommend long lasting lip tints. They cover your lips discreetly by enhancing your natural shade, like Benefit’s Benetint, which can also be used for your cheeks. For a nighttime appropriate look, switch to a glittery version, such as the Orgasm Oil-Infused Lip Tint by Nars, which also has hydrating properties.

Finally, your complexion. We all want our skin to look dewy and clear, but it can be harder during hot spells to apply our usual foundation. To protect your face and provide coverage, switch out your foundation for a tinted sunscreen. It is very important to shield your skin from the sun’s rays, not only in the summer but all year long, with a product like First Aid Beauty’s Ultra Repairing Tinted Cream. It comes in 5 shades, contains vitamin E to nourish your skin, and FSP 30.

Credit: Sephora

Article by Inès Huet

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