The feminist e-shop Daughters of Witches, well-known for promoting designs made by women and advocating hope and strong values, also known for its engagement with plenty of NGOs mainly devoted to women’s cause, delivers exclusively in France Kimothy Joy’s creations. These remind us that we all are heroines of our own stories.

Well drawn faces move along through fabrics and paper. With ink and watercolours, these women progressively take place in our field of vision. Just as mirrors of each other, they are all here standing, contemplating us attentively, and we feel that we do the same. Reflects of the world, of our own selves, these women remind us implicitly that we all have a role to play in this hazardous universe. One, two and maybe three distinguish themselves from the other ones, strangely looking quite like us. While they are wreathing a message “The Future is Female”, questionings spurt out, especially a crucial one: am I also a part of this future?

Credits: Johanna Oleksy

Clearly, this was the first impression that I had of this collection made by Kimothy Joy. Including two tote bags, two notebooks or a baby’s romper suit in which, every single item deliver strong messages such as “She persisted”, “I am that girl, you are that girl, together we change the world”. All kinds of women are also represented, no colour or origin is put aside. On the tote bag “I am that girl, you are that girl, together we change the world”, heroism and the courage wreaths these girls and women. As a matter of fact, the artist, already famous for her feminist art, is saying that no matter our differentness, we are all heroines of our own stories. Nevertheless, it is not all: beyond this message, buying this kind of product is also a way to raise ourselves as fighters of our fundamental rights. Indeed, the tote bag evoked before is carrying the name of an NGO supporting young students in US high school and universities, to let them express their professional potential though it might be harder to do it as a woman.

Credits: Karolina Jackowska

If we look closer to Kimothy Joy’s work, this kind of empowerment is not as curious as it seems. Indeed, she has already collaborated with Washington Women’s March and the NGO “I am that Girl”. Truly involved in the artistic world, she has also worked with Gucci or Jessica Bennett.

While her designs were only available in Canada and the US for a while, it is today available in France through Daughters of Witches, a feminist e-shop supporting female artists and NGO dedicated to women’s cause. Plus, promoting Kimothy Joy’s art can be seen as an exemplification of the e-shop’s task: to create a place in which women support each other by selling ethical products breaking stereotypes. The ultimate goal seems to be clear, write women’s history again, and for now, the first chapter had already begun.

> Article by Yasmine Lahrichi.

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