In this article we talked at length about how to dress more sustainably: one of the elements mentioned was reworking or customizing our clothes rather than throwing them away when they no longer satisfy us. There are so many creative ways to transform an old jacket, vintage shirt, or your grandfather’s oversized pants into something unique. Below we review some of the best and easiest ways to give new life to clothes.

Use some paint

With fabric paint you can draw on your clothes: either creating a simple design, like Jess Chen or an elaborate painting, like Jim Reno in this tutorial video. You can use markers or paint, on any type of fabric: jackets, sweatpants, even your Converse! Try sketching your pattern on paper before taking the plunge, to make sure you adjust it before making it permanent.

Add a patch

To do this, you can either buy patches made by artists, or cut out fabrics you like and stitch them unto your clothes. Sonia Illustration’s artistic patches can give a new twist to your denim jacket, if you stitch it on the back of a jean jacket. But patches are not limited to denim jackets, you can add them to the elbows of a sweater, on the trimming of your pant pockets, on the edge of your shirt collar, etc….

Change the buttons

This may seem like a trivial detail, but buttons can really change the appearance of a garment. If you have a simple jacket or cardigan that you never wear because it seems too boring, try switching the buttons to make a statement. Big flat gold buttons, pearl ones, flower-shaped numbers, there is a button out there for whatever style you want to convey.

Dye it

Remember the tie-dye projects you did in middle school? Dyeing your clothes does not mean they have to come out looking like the work of a school arts and crafts class.

Do some embroidery

If you know how to embroider, or want to learn how to, this technique can be a really nice way to make your clothes original. You have control over the design, and you can perfect your skill to make more and more elaborate design with time. Like paint, this is also a satisfying way to express your art style through your clothes, and feel proud of your craft.

Add pins

Pins are an effective way to change your clothes, and they are commitment free. When you tire of them, you need only unpin them to change the look of your garment. You can add them to pockets, your collar, pile them up or only use one to make a statement. Pins also come in different forms: there are “simple” metal ones or more intricate ones made of velvet, as designed by…

Finally, you can always get your clothes professionally tailored, if you don’t feel like you have the skills to re-stitch them to give them the shape you want by yourself.

Article by Inès Huet

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